Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Confirmed – Battery, Specs, Display, Release Date and More

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Confirmed – Battery, Specs, Display, Release Date and More

Samsung has just released their Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ earlier this year, rumors are already floating around on the internet regarding the release of the South Korean company’s Samsung Note 9.

We are expecting it to be released sometime during the second half of this year. More information about this, the specs that are being rumored, the variants and other interesting updates can all be found if you keep reading. We admit that since this is still in its early stages, there is not a lot going on the internet but even the little tidbits of information that we managed to scrap up together paint an interesting picture!

China has confirmed two variants

It is true that we often get to see most of the rumors and leaks coming from China since it is always able to drag up secrets onto internet’s main stage. However, this time the leak is not so much a leak as it is a confirmed piece of information coming from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology certified SM-N9600 model already last month. This codename stands for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  However, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also recently confirmed another model, namely the SM-N9608.

We do not know the exact name of this model but since it is so similar to Galaxy’s Note 9 we believe that it could be the name for a variant of this model, perhaps the Note 9 Plus. Despite these two model listings the site did not contain any information or any picture relate to these phones.

Samsung’s crowned achievement

With any new model that gets to the development stage, it also gets a code name so that Samsung has some control over what happens in such a way that there is still a note of mystery. However, seeing how Samsung info is always getting leaked in some form or another, we can say that they need to work more on their security. Getting back on track, information states that Note 9’s code name is “Crown”. Now, if this does not say elegance and quality, we do not know what will. On the other hand, Note 7’s code name was Grace and it turned out to be so graceful that Samsung had an exploding battery fiasco on their hands. Best not get our hopes up just from a code name.

Even bigger display

When the Note 8 debuted on the market, it had a large 6.3-inch screen which made most users have to use both hands in order to use the device. Now it looks like Samsung is trying to go even further, as rumors about the say the Note 9 is going to have a staggering 6.4-inch screen. However, until we hear an announcement from Samsung we cannot be sure that this information is true since the sources that we have heard it from are not very credible.

Bigger battery, more time to spend on your phone

When it came to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this phone came with a 3,300mAh battery. While still impressive in its own right, the South Korean company looks like it is ready to overthrow this record by making a 4,000mAh battery for the Note 9. While this is not a huge leap from the 3,000mAh one, it could ensure more battery life so that the user would not have to resort to charging his or her phone at shorter amounts of time.

Thinking back on the battery fiasco of the Note 7, we are interested to see how Samsung is going to incorporate this large battery into their phones in such a way so that it is not going to malfunction and cause trouble for the user.

The processor

We do not expect Samsung to completely revolutionize the Note 9 with a different processor so we are almost certain that users will see some variant of the Snapdragon 845 or the Exynos 9810 processor with maybe 6GB of RAM on it.

Operating system

From what we have heard, it is very likely that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with Android 8.1 Oreo already preinstalled on it, so users will not have to wait for updates in order to use the interesting features of Android Oreo.

The camera

Here is the one area where we have heard almost nothing through the grapevine but we expect to see the Note 9 come equipped with similar features that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ had, namely a double camera which will probably have the slow motion feature and also a double aperture. It remains to be seen if Samsung will add something new or not.

Release date and price

As we mentioned before, Samsung is planning to release this smartphone during the second half of this year. Recent rumors say that the release date is going to be sometime this August but we may see Samsung pull a similar stunt as it did with the S9, releasing it sooner so that it can profit from more sales.

When it comes to the price, no major information has reached our ears but we can expect Samsung to stick close to the same price range that it had with the Note 8. At the very least, the Note 9 will probably have a similar price to the S9 or S9+.



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