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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Comes with a Dedicated Camera Button

We are less than two months away from the release date for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, and it seems that with each passing day we are getting more and more leaks surrounding the device from some reliable sources. If yesterday we had a set of ‘somewhat official but not really’ renders coming up online which depicted how the smartphone will look like, today we have a new set. This time, the rendered image is more natural, actually a hands-on image of the device, and we can apparently see that the smartphone has what looks like a camera button attached on the left-hand side.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Renders

This rendered image came from Ice Universe, a reliable source when it comes to leaks. We did not only get a render but also a hands-on model of a case that has some peculiar design choices that we did not expect to see.

One of the most outstanding design choices is a new hardware button for which we do not know the purpose as of yet. Now, people are baffled as they try to wrap their minds around what this button is for. Most of them speculate that it probably is a dedicated camera toggle button. And this guess would not be too far off from the possible truth since Samsung did add this button on some of its previous devices.

Design-wise, the Galaxy Note 9 is almost an identical sibling to the Note 8, with very few changes having been made. This is called an iterative upgrade since the only updates that we have seen so far are on the hardware and software side of the device, less on the actual design. The smartphone is going to have a 6.3-inch edge-to-edge Infinity Display. The CPU is a Snapdragon 845 with at least 6GB of RAM. It will also come with Android Oreo out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 New Fingerprint Sensor

There was the talk of Samsung releasing that in-screen fingerprint sensor with the Note 9, but this decision did not make it to the assembly line of the final product, which means that we will have to wait for the S10 to see it in action. The setup for the fingerprint scanner is on the read end, similar to the S9, but with the added detail of the sensor sitting on the upper part of the back end, right below the cameras. The S9 fingerprint sensor sat almost in the middle of the back of the device.

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