Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Come With Powerful Battery and Different Design

With Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from 9th of August being closer than ever with an earlier arrival, it will win buyers attention before Google and Apple’s phones release.

Something we all know about Galaxy Note 9 is the S-Pen’s golden color which’s image was offered to us by Samsung in late June. A few days ago, Samsung came up with more like a warning than a commercial video showing why a low battery phone is dangerous. Even though it does not say much about Note 9’s specs, it gives a clue about its battery which might be improved to 4000 mAh.

And then, if you take a look closer to other rumors and leaks, they come with assumptions about what we will get on 9th of August in Brooklyn, New York. Let’s see what they are talking about.

First of all, if you expect a different design of the Galaxy Note 9, you will get a little disappointed after seeing it looks just like its predecessor, Galaxy Note 8. These leaks come from evleaks from Twitter who also says that it will have some difference in the back, such as the relocation of the fingerprint reader below the camera module. It comes with minimized bezels, Samsung planning to eliminate them for their next phone.

Alongside these changes, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have no notch, the fact that enforces that Samsung remains the only significant phone maker which will not ever put sensor cutouts on its smartphones.

This model of Galaxy Note comes in a range of colors such as brown, black and a darker shade of blue, according to evleak. If you want to get your hands on the new golden S Pen, you will need to purchase the blue Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as it is the only version it comes with. Ice Universe, one of the most reliable Samsung and Apple leaker, also confirms this with a picture along with another one that proofs Samsung will include a headphone jack as well.

Apparently, rumors might be just rumors and for sure leaks will be leaked, so before getting excited and pile up your money for a new purchase, take into consideration that not everything we see on the internet is also accurate. However, you can calm a little because of Ice Univers and evleak’s solid track records of leaks and rumors that made their way into the actual devices.

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