Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Better than an iPhone X Nowadays

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Better than an iPhone X Nowadays

Note is faster

Thanks to its Qualcomm 845 processor that runs at up to 2.8GHz, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is faster than the iPhone X which can only do 2.39GHz. The improved version, the iPhone XS Max still can’t keep up with the Note 9 as it only achieves 2.5GHz. If you use the beast mode on the Note 9, you can even get it to load content instantly.

iPhone is sometimes on passive mode. For example, it takes a while until it fires up Twitter. When it comes to the Note 9 which is set up in beast mode, it only takes a second for it to launch Facebook while an iPhone 8 would take three seconds.

If you want to put your Note 9 in beast mode all you need to do is access settings, then go to about phone, and then hit seven times the “build number” from the software information. It will bring you to the developer options from where you can change the animation scale from 1x to 0.5x.

You can make a video your home screen.

What is great about Note 9 is that it allows you to have a video as a home screen. If you want to take advantage of that option here is the trick. Keep in mind that you can’t set a video as your home screen from the settings. You need to go to your gallery, scroll until you see the video you want to look at every day each time you open your phone and then go to the three dots in the top right corner. There you will see the “set as wallpaper” option which helps you use the video as a home screen.

Two sets of Bluetooth headphones can be used at once

No Apple user enjoyed the company’s choice to get rid of the headphone port. However, it enabled users to discover the Bluetooth headphones. The advantage of using such headphones is that you no longer need to get frustrating while trying to detangle them as they have no string.

What Samsung allows you and the iPhone do not, is connecting two sets of headphones or even or two Bluetooth home speakers or mix and match. Now if you want to watch something on your phone with a friend, you no longer need to give them an earbud because you can both connect your pairs of headphones to one phone.

To do this, in settings, go to “connections,” then Bluetooth. Hit the three dots at the top right-hand corner. Hit advanced and look for “dual audio.” It will scan for the Bluetooth headphones you want to use and connect.

If you want to take advantage of this option you need to go to settings -> connections -> Bluetooth. Go to the three dots at the top right corner and there you will find the dual audio option. Afterwards, it will scan for the Bluetooth headphones and then you can connect.

You can schedule messages.

The Messages app on the Note 9 allows you to give your texts a subject, write with the S Pen and convert them into text, and also schedule text messages.

All you need to do is go to the text message field and hit the “+.” Then you will see the “schedule a text message” option that you want to use. It will open the time and the calendar where you can choose when do you want the message to be sent. After that, you write what you want and hit send.

This option is great if you do not have a great memory and do not want to forget to greet your loved ones on their birthdays. You can schedule the messages, and they will receive them on their special day.

Even though the iPhone does not have such a great feature that can save you a lot of time and embarrassing moments, you can still use the Scheduled app to send three free scheduled messages a month. After running out of the three free messages, you will need to start paying $2.99 a month for unlimited scheduling.

What is even better about Note 9 is that the scheduled messages are unlimited and free.



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