Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Pixel XL 2 – What To Choose?

The market is full of awesome Android smartphones at the moment, with more of them coming our way. Two of the most interesting devices that are going to be released are the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Google Pixel XL 2. Until they appear, we can go through a brief comparison of what they are going to bring us and what other things we know about them.

Major Changes to Arrive

According to some recent rumors, both devices are going to bring some major changes. The Galaxy Note 8 will come together with a huge screen and a dual camera setup. The Google Pixel XL might also bring an edge-to-edge screen that resembles the recent Samsung models.


According to the rumors, Galaxy Note 8 will offer a huge 6.3-inches Quad HD Infinity screen. The sides are curved, going further than the sides of the body. The phone leaves a very small room for bezels as well. Meanwhile, the Pixel XL 2 will be a strong competitor, since they have a similar offer. This happens because LG made the screens for Pixel XL 2 as well.


Both manufacturers are opting for long skinny screens. Because they want the phones to be resistant, they will use metal materials. Moreover, the devices will be water-resistant and they will enjoy some high-end cameras. What differs between the two are the positions of the fingerprint scanner. While the Note 8 will bring a dual camera setup, rumor has it that Google’s device will have a single one.

The Note 8 will also come up with wireless charging. However, this implies that its back will be made of glass, meaning it’s more fragile. At the same time, the Pixel XL 2 will be made entirely out of metal on the back.

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