Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8 – What Decision Should You Make?

According to all the recent reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 device is a huge success. Truth be told, there are only two other phones that could rival it, the iPhone 8 made by Apple and the Galaxy Note 8, also made by Samsung. We are expecting the tablet to arrive at the end of the year, and it seems that then it will hit the market in an unexpected manner.


At this moment, everybody seems to be happy with the future upgrades to the Note 8 camera. If we were to believe the leaked photos, Samsung has been trying its hand with some dual camera systems. The same was rumored for the S8 too at the time, but it the end it had only a single camera system, which is all the more reason to believe we are going to see this technology on the Note 8.


Another point of interest that might convince you to quit buying the Galaxy S8 and wait for the release of the phablet is the stylus. The current device does not support this accessory, so if you really need it, then it’s best to wait. There were some rumors going around before the official release, but in the end we saw that neither Galaxy S8, nor the S8+ supported the S Pen.

Fingerprint Sensor

A major breakthrough that we might see along with the Note 8 is a new fingerprint sensor. This should be placed directly under the display, and thus you may be able to unlock the phone and also bring up the home button at the same time. OF course, this was also expected on the Galaxy S8, but most likely the team did not prepare it on time, so we should expect it to arrive on the next flagship model.

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