Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Have Problems with its Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Have Problems with its Battery

It seems like some clients have encountered problems with their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 after they let the battery drain until the phone died.

No explosions, people

A few clients are asserting that permitting the battery of their phone to tumble to 0% makes the gadget to totally freeze. Luckily, there’s no news about something exploding, so we’re good for now and there are no reports that this affected the biggest part of the clients.

So what actually happened with this phone?

If this piece of news is true, connecting the gadget or putting it on a wireless charger to let it take its power, it appears to have no impact by any means on the battery, the LED notifier stays dim and there are no suggestions that the gadget is charging. Some of those clients have said that their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 feels warm to the touch when connected to the charger, regardless of showing nothing and neglecting the power that’s supposed to turn it on.

At the same time, different clients are revealing that the typical indications of charging action do appear after connecting their gadget to the charges, or putting it on a wireless one, however, the device won’t charge or turn on. Samsung, being a good guy, learned fast about the problem and it’s already replacing phones for those who have detailed the issue. Be that as it may, we are not sure how far the problems got how exact the reports of the issue are.

Why is this happening?

There has been some theory that the issue might have been caused by the software because even if gadgets don’t turn on, they do show signs of being connected to a power source. The issue seems to prevalently influence the U.S. variation of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, devices that have constructed Snapdragon 835 SoC, while the worldwide variation includes Samsung’s own particular Exynos chipset.

There additionally hasn’t been any word as to which adaptation of Android operating system the influenced gadgets are running on and the issue could be identified with the software condition as opposed to the hardware and software optimization.

The company hasn’t made an official statement yet, so we cannot say for sure what is happening.

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