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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its Release Time

There is no secret that Samsung’s next powerhouse device is going to be its Galaxy Note 8. Despite what happened last year, Samsung basically confirms with this that they will not be ending the Note devices. Information is already known about the Note 8’s features and details, but there are still more rumors to come. More so, the latest news that is buzzing about the Galaxy Note 8 might just be the best we’ve had so far. Namely, the release date.

According to reports from the ‘Galaxy Club’, the latest flagship device will have a display that is quite similar in many ways to the S8. The Infinity Display is one of the features that has, more or less, been confirmed for the Note 8. This should not come as a surprise as the top feature in the S8 was its Infinity display.

According to some reports, Galaxy Note 8 might be running the Android 7.1.1 out of the box. This is a very important thing to take into consideration, as this tells us that the smartphone will not come shipped with a version of the Android O, the highly anticipated OS upgrade. This also suggests that Samsung will not be getting the Android O version in time for the release of the Note 8. It would be quite strange if the Galaxy Note 8 was running the Nougat update during its development phase and then just release it with the Android O.

Should the rumors and reports prove to be accurate, then it means that Samsung will not be making any delays to the release of the Galaxy Note 8. Some believe that the release date will be in late August, with the furthest possible option being in the early part of September.

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