The Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review

It was the curiosity that Samsung has been able to generate among the consumers that lead to the huge success of the latest, and the greatest, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. A research shows us that the Galaxy Note 4 has been selling better than the Galaxy Note 3 in the U.S and Europe. The Galaxy Note 4 this year came with a lot of different hardware and software changes, along with increased screen real estate. The S Pen has a lot more functions, if you are a type of person who likes to use a pencil on their smartphones.

So without any further ado, here’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review:

Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review (Image 1)

Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review – Hardware – The Best-feeling, and the best-looking phone Samsung has ever created

So right off the bat, you are getting metal instead of the plastic bezels in the Galaxy Note 3. And it definitely feels great. That metal band comes all the way around the device. And those chamfered edges above and below that metal strip, gives it a completely beautiful design and feel that we will never get bored off. But the edges surely do feel sharper than the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. This makes it feel easier to hold because of the flat size contrary to the iPhone 6 Plus.

On the back, the last years stitch design is out. Instead of that, the back meets that gorgeous metal bezels. That back is still removable which gives you the access to the huge 3220mAh battery, the sim card and the micro SD slot. That faux leather texture on the back, it surely does give you a lot of usability and more grip than any other smartphone with all-metal or aluminum back, for instance the iPhone 6 Plus, where we always have the danger of it slipping out of our hands.

The power and volume buttons are in the standard places as we find in the previous Note device, but they are now easier to find and use than the Galaxy Note 3. Also, the Galaxy Note 4 has now moved back to the USB 2.0 port, ditching the previous USB 3.0 port that we found in the Note 3. Also, the absence of that flap on the USB ports, is an added bonus to us. But this also means that this phone is not waterproof. So guys, no using the Galaxy Note 4 in the rains, or under shower.


Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review – The Specifications – Do you really need anything more than that?

As beautiful is that exterior, there also lies awesome specs that will just blow you away. At the heart of the Galaxy Note 4, there is a Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor clocked at 2.7GHz, the Adreno 420 GPU, which is also supported by 3GB RAM. And while these are not enough for you to digest, there is also a Super AMOLED 2560×1440 pixel display. You will be getting a 32GB of internal memory but you will have to subtract 7.7GB from that which completely filled with their apps and the system.

To us, the 32GB internal memory was more than enough, and even after installing several dozens of apps, we still had 18GB free which is a lot of breathing room for us. But if you find yourself living on the edge, then you can expand that memory through the SD card slot up to 128GB which is astonishing. If you still want more memory, then you should probably purchase a laptop along with a 3TB hard drive.

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The fingerprint scanner and the heart rate monitor can also be found in the Galaxy Note 4. While for some folks, these two features might not mean anything, but for others, these features can be the deal breaker. But if you ask us, the fingerprint scanner is definitely not up to the mark, and is surely way behind Apple’s fingerprint scanner. The heart rate monitor is something that I use on a daily basis, so, it is kind of useful to us.


Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review – Display – It just took away my breath

The Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review (Image 2)

Seriously, this was the smart step that Samsung took this year. Instead of increasing the size of the display, they just increased the pixels in it. And boy, that 2560×1440 pixels will just impress you. Sure, it is still not anywhere near the display quality that we find in the LG G3, but it is the best display that we’ve ever got from Samsung.

The outdoor viewing angles are awesome. The automatic brightness works just fine but we still had to manually change it from time to time.


Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review – Software And Performance – As awesome that design is, performance – keep reading

The Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy note 4 Review (Image 3)

One thing we had to say, is that when you keep the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5 side by side, you’ll notice that the software is almost the same, besides some tiny bit of differences. But hey, that’s what the Note Series is all about. It’s because you are able to do more on it than other smartphones.

First off, the extreme left screen pane is now acquired by the a view called “Briefing” (kind of sounds like a military briefing). This Briefing screen pane is much similar to the previous My Magazine thing, but it is powered by Flipboard. Anyway, that is just like readin Flipboard that is embedded on one of your screen panes, which does not serve any useful purpose unless you do regularly read news. For us, having Google Now on that screen did serve a better, much more useful purpose. So we just turned it off from the Settings and downloaded the Flipboard app.

But of course the TouchWiz on the Galaxy Note 4 is much better lighter, and has also become much friendlier. The first thing you’ll notice right off the bat, is while switching between apps, you’ll get an Android Lollipop feel.

So after a whole week of using the native launcher and all other native stuff, I was still deprived of something and just felt that something was still missing. So what did I do? I just went ahead and tossed those native things out of the window and downloaded those “almost” stock Android apps and launchers to make me feel home. Yes, I do love that stock Android feel.

My first and biggest concern here was how much battery will that 2560×1440 awesome display might take. Whether it will support me to get through the day, or will it just walk away in the middle of the day and will just force me to plug a charging cord? To my surprise, it remained loyal and stayed with me throughout the day. But for the record, I do 90% of the stuff on my computer (yes, including the social media), so I guess that was the reason why I was able to make it through the day. But I still do social media stuff at the night, and it turns out that the things under, and over the hood of the awesome device is pretty optimized to give you the best performance you’ve ever got from a Samsung smartphone.

Also, that lag while opening the Gallery app, is still there.

At the end of the day, the Galaxy Note 4 gives us a feeling that it is probably the best device that we’ve got this year relative to what others offer us. The only one question that you have to answer yourself before purchasing this phone, is whether or not you’ll be able to handle a smartphone of this huge size. But if you can, then you will surely rewarded with one hell of a device.

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Also you don’t need to freak out that I missed many things in this review. I will be dividing the whole review into a couple of different posts so that it is easier for you to digest. I just didn’t wanted to write a new book here. So, stay classy, and take it easy. We’ll meet in the near future.