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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Tips And Tricks

Every Galaxy Note always have a plethora of new features and tricks that one can do. And most of these tricks are not even explained by Samsung, which, for some, is great because it lets them discover those things, while to other people, it seems useless because they think that no one will be using them. And the Galaxy Note 4 is no exception. Samsung has already been leapfrogging their way to make sure that they provide the best smartphone camera in the mobile industry, and they surely have made a lot of advancement. And the Galaxy Note 4’s camera is no exception. And while the quality of the camera has increased a lot, the software has backed a little bit. And while you won’t be getting extreme control over every grain of your photos, you surely have some extra different buttons to get the most out of your photos on the Galaxy Note 4. So without any further ado, here I present to you, some of the Galaxy Note 4 camera tips and tricks:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Tips And Tricks

Turn That HDR On

galaxy note 4 camera tips and tricks
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera tips and tricks

This is almost mandatory for every Galaxy Note 4 user to turn the HDR on. There is little to no reason why you shouldn’t be using the HDR mode. Once you turn on the HDR mode, you won’t have to fiddle around with your camera before clicking any picture, and it will also give your images that extra bit color and contrast accuracy that you simply won’t get with the standard automatic mode.


The Wide Selfie Mode

Most of us still think that selfies are a wrong use of photography, but there are a majority of people who do the contrary. So if you’re going to do it, you should do it right. So the next time you pull out your phone for a selfie, remember to hit the mode button and tap the wide selfie option and see your friends asking you about you captured the panorama selfie. You will have to pan back and forth just like what we do in the panorama mode.

The results are astonishing with the panorama selfie. Below is an example.


The UHD and the slow motion video

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera tips and tricks
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera tips and tricks

The Galaxy Note 4 is capable of shooting some Ultra High Quality (UHD) videos at 3820×2160 px. But that’s just a small part of what it can offer. You can also shoot slow motion videos at 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 speed and you won’t notice any distortion because of the image stabilization.

Just keep in mind that when you record slow motion videos, they will appear to be darker because it will be taking more amount of light in each frame than the normal shooting mode.


You can download additional shooting modes

galaxy note 4 camera tips and tricks
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera tips and tricks

This is the most astonishing feature of all. Rather than just having a limited number of features in the camera app, Samsung has started providing more shooting modes in the Galaxy Apps store if you need them. There is also a shortcut to this in the camera app. Tap on mode then scroll down and select download. And it will give you more than 6 shooting modes to choose from.

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Once you’ve downloaded those modes, they will then show up in the mode option of the camera.


Over to you…

Do you think that these features will be useful to you? Did I miss any tips and tricks? Do let me know.

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