Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Screen will be Even Bigger Than Previously Thought

Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Screen will be Even Bigger Than Previously Thought

Not too much time ago we were getting ready for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We had our list of leaks and rumors, and we were patiently waiting to see what the truth was. The size of the screen which measures 6.4 inches was part of the list, and many more, but now, it is time to move our attention to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Even though Note 9’s display is quite big enough, Samsung will not stop the growing process, and the next Galaxy Note series phone will be larger than its predecessor.

The Bell, a South Korean publication, received some information from “electronics industry” sources which say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have a significant difference in size. The predecessor of Note 9 is said to be measuring 6.66 inches. The same source suggests that this decision has already been taken by the mother company in October. Besides that, its OLED panel supplier, Samsung Display, has already received the information they need to make the screens for the phone.

We are tented not to believe this news because the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 is further away in the future than it feels. However, even though this might be accurate, the company might change its mind until it comes to the mass production.

Not even Apple is that big

You have already realized that. Since a few years ago the sizes of the phones have been gradually growing over not a so long period of time. As Apple was later in the introduction of a big screen, now it takes revenge with its iPhone XS Max which is even bigger than the Galaxy Note 9 with a screen measuring 6.5 inches. Now that Samsung has been exceeded by Apple, they surely want their title back.

Even though it is still a lot of time to wait until the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, this is not the first rumor we have heard. Another one mentioned that Samsung codenamed its device “ Da Vinci” which might give us a clue that the S Pen will get even more upgrades and improvements done to it than this year.

Now it is the time when the rumors start flourishing, and we will be hearing more and more until the phone gets released. What we were used to is to get accurate information only after the launch of a phone, especially a flagship one just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

What we are sure about though is that the most awaited phone, the Samsung Galaxy X or the foldable handset might be launched earlier than the Galaxy Note 10 too.

Now, let’s see how a bigger phone would work out for us. What we know is that a bigger phone means a bigger battery, more improved measures, and better proficiency. This means that the advantages a phone measuring 6.66 inches will bring into our lives include a greater battery life which is very appreciated by users. Another advantage would be that with all the improvements the phone would run even smoother and faster than its predecessor. What we can guess is that it will also support 5G as the network is being worked on.

A bigger display also means a new set of disadvantages. The disadvantages of Galaxy Note 10’s predecessor were that it has a tacky plastic rear that many do not enjoy looking at, so they need to cover it with a case. The second disadvantage would be its price. Even though we want great phones with impressive and innovative features, and do not get us started with those storage sizes, we are not able to pay for the high prices that the phones are released with. Or maybe it is that we do not see the price accurate. Another disadvantage would be that our hands do not grow along with the sizes of the phone. As phones get bigger, it gets trickier for us to hold our phones which is not really ideal. The last disadvantage that hopefully will not happen to the predecessor of Galaxy Note 9 is the limitation of the S Pen which is still not how we want it to be.

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