Samsung Galaxy Note 10: The Display Size Will be as High as 6.75 inches

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: In the race to release smartphones with large-sized screens, Samsung might take a step ahead by stretching the display size to 6.75 inches on its Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone to be released next year. This news has leaked out of South Korea and it is based on a new display design handed over to its subsidiary that makes the display, Samsung Displays.

Size Enhanced Marginally from 6.6 inches Planned Earlier

According to sources which have the knowledge on these matters, Samsung had planned to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with a display size of 6.6 inches earlier. Meanwhile, there have been reports that the 5G phone expected to be out in March may sport a 6.6-inch display, which would be the highest so far among the smartphones released by the Korean company. It is speculated that keeping the same size on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would have meant there will be no difference in the two devices. This is why the company took a call to up the display size. At this size, the phone is as close to a tablet as can be imagined. The decision to change the display size is not just a rumor; there is evidence to support the claim. This also means the display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be higher by 0.35 inches than its predecessor the Note 9.

Galaxy Note 10

A Whole Range for Customers to Choose From

All this means the Samsung smartphone buyer will have a wide range of smartphones in terms of the display sizes. These will start with the 5.75 inch Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite; then move on to the 6.11 inch Samsung Galaxy S10 and the 6.44 inch Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If you are going to wait for the 5G phone, then you get a phone 6.66 inches and in the later part of 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The aspect of interest would then turn to what rival Apple does with the display sizes. The Samsung devices come into the market earlier in the calendar year while the iPhones are released in September. If iPhone XS Max was Apple’s answer to the 6.4-inch Samsung Note 9 in 2018, how would it counter the 6.75 inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 next year?

In all this, don’t forget, Samsung is likely to launch its foldable 7.3-inch smartphone too, in 2019, though the exact month is still not known.

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