Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Receives ‘Person Mode’ to Improve its Camera’s 3D Scanning

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Receives ‘Person Mode’ to Improve its Camera’s 3D Scanning

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are the two most popular flagship phones that excel in almost every department. Right from the amazing OLED display to the large screen, stylus and the smooth One UI 2.0, they are great except for the 3D scanning feature in the Note 10+ camera which didn’t work as well as it was promoted by the company.

In theory, the ToF camera on the rear side of the Note 10+ was supposed to be all-powerful that it can easily recreate 3D models of the object from the real world. All you had to do was point it at an object or a person in the real world which will be scanned so as to be converted into an object. However, it didn’t deliver on the promise as it continued to show errors for both objects and human faces.

Being the company that is amazingly fast at rolling out updates, Samsung has not disappointed Note 10 and Note 10+ users because a new ‘Person mode’ update has been introduced for these flagship phones. Note 10 Plus made use of the Time of Flight sensor, commonly known as ToF which allowed users to create brilliantly good looking bokeh effects in the pictures they captured.

samsung 3D Scanner app


While camera improvements continue to roll out, the update for the 3D scanner app is the focus now as it is supposed to make scanning much better with the help of Person mode. The camera with the help of AI will now be able to differentiate between a real person and an object so as to alter the ToF sensor accordingly for best results.

Switching Between Modes

If you are a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, head to the Samsung Galaxy Store to download the latest version of the 3D scanner app or update your existing one. Once done, you should be able to easily choose between two different modes namely Thing and Person, allowing the camera to distinguish between the content that is presented before it for scanning.

Only a select list of Samsung phones has ToF sensor including the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A80. All these models can make use of the 3D scanner app and the overall quality of the scans and the 3D objects will be more refined, according to the changelog released by the developers in the Galaxy Store. You can also download the APK to sideload it if required.

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