Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Leak on Camera Placement

The smartphone giant Samsung is said to be gearing up for the next new model – The Galaxy Note 10. A lot of buyers are awaiting this new model. It is expected that this model will be launched in September as is the norm with all new launches of the Note series by the company. With more and more people speculating about the features of this upcoming phone, a lot of information has already been leaked through various sources. IceUniverse is one of the sources that is known to provide authentic information about these leaks. This particular model from Samsung has been codenamed as DaVinci within its internal R&D team. The Samsung S11 is said to be codenamed, Picasso. It seems that the company is using the names of famous artists and painters to mark their upcoming models.

One of the leaks has suggested that the camera placement could be different in Note 10. It is expected that the model could feature a vertical camera placement both in the rear and front screen. While most of the brands seem to be offering horizontal camera positions, Samsung appears to prefer the vertical arrangement. Even the latest A series of phones had a vertical arrangement.

Some of the other leaks suggest that the phone could have a quad camera setup with the primary being a 64-megapixel lens. This could indicate a significant leap in the quality of images shot using a mobile. If this setup is integrated into the phone, then the quality of the photos shot on this model would be akin to professional images. News about the other 3 lenses is not currently available. They could be a wide angled lens, telephoto lens, and a depth sensor. The rear camera is expected to be placed in the centre of the back case while the front camera, which will feature a punch hole design, can be placed on either corner of the screen.

The Samsung Note 10 will be launched with two variants. A Pro variant will also be launched, and it is expected to have color options of red and pink for the users. The battery capacity will also see a considerable change. A massive 4,500 mAh capacity of the battery will be placed in the models. So far, Samsung has not come up with fast charging options, this model is expected to feature a fast charging option. All in all the Note 10 seems to a phone worth waiting for.

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