Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 (2017) Got Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 (2017) Got Confirmed

To many fans’ happiness, Samsung Electronics has recently confirmed that there are indeed some devices going under the name of Galaxy J5 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017). The future pair of Android devices, placed at an entry level, have not been officially announced yet. In the beginning of this month, the giant tech did indeed launch an official product page that addresses the most recent revision of the Kids Mode app. There we could see various new features and changes.

Surprising Announcement

Besides offering the information about new features and changes, the company also brought us a list with the Galaxy devices that will be compatible with the parental control tool. On the list we could notice all the contemporary Galaxy devices made by Samsung, and, surprise, even the Galaxy J5 (2017) and the Galaxy J7 (2017), which have not been announced until now.

People were indeed expecting the developers to announce the devices soon, but not in this indirect manner. This might indeed be the first case when the company talks about the two devices, even though they did not directly confirm their production.

Other Interesting Devices

However, this is not the only interesting thing we got to see. On the compatibility list we could also spot the Galaxy Note 7, which is the 2016 phablet released by Samsung back in 2016. It was actually discontinued in the fall after two global recalls. The recalls were triggered by various reports all around the world, showing that the device caught fire and exploded.

We are still to receive some answers related to this, but until then people are still debating about these mentions on the list. Will there be a revival of the Note 7? Or was that simply a mistake made by the developers? It all remains to be found out.

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