Samsung Galaxy J4, J6 and A6 2018 Update – What We Know So Far?

Samsung Galaxy J4, J6 and A6 2018 Update – What We Know So Far?

Samsung is always on our radars in some way or another. Whether we are talking about updates, future projects or even some leaks regarding phones that are about to be launched, the company never strays too far away from the spotlight, whether it wants to or not.

Today is one of those days where we will be talking about yet some leaks that have come out on the internet. The topic is going to be the specs of Samsung Galaxy J4 2018 and Samsung Galaxy J6 2018. We will also be discussing some updates that are going to be done for Samsung Galaxy A6 2018.

Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 specs

Galaxy j6 is said to come with a 5.6-inch display paired with an AMOLED screen. From what we have heard, Samsung is ready to implement Infinity Display with their more mid-range phones as well so we will probably see that happening for J6 2018. With this in mind, the resolution is probably going to be 720 x 1480 which would lead to an aspect ratio of 18:5:9.

When it comes to the camera setup, we will see a 13MP camera on the read end and an 8MP camera on the front which will also feature a selfie snapper with a flash. The processor of the phone will be the 14nm Exynos 7870 Exynos SoC paired with eight Cortex-A53 cores that will run at a speed of 1.^GHz. Pretty decent so far, we have to admit. The GPU is going to the Mali-T8310 MP1.

Now, going on to what people look at most often when they are looking for a phone that they think will fit their needs best, we will be talking about the internal storage and RAM. The phone is said to come in some variants that will range between 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB of RAM. These will be paired with 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. As we have now come accustomed to seeing, the phone will come with Dual-SIM capability. Android Oreo will be installed out of the box, and the battery is going to be 3,000mAh.

Last but not least, we will also get to have a fingerprint sensor on the rear end of the phone, bringing some fun for a mid-range Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy J4 2018 specs

Now, if the J6 2018 did not wow you with its specs, then we are sad to say that you won’t feel any different with the J4 specs. The display of the phone will be a regular 5.5 inch one. However, we do not know if the J4 is going to be like the J6 and come with an AMOLED display or if it will have an LCD one. The processor for the phone is going to be the Exynos 7570, which will work along with four Cortex-A53 cores that will be running at 1.4GHz. In charge of graphics, we will have the Mali-T720 MP1 GPU.

Camera wise the J4 is pretty similar to the J6, the exception being the fact that the J4 has a 5MP camera on the front (with flash included). It will have the same 13MP camera on the back. Now, the J4 does not have the same amount of options as the J6 RAM wise. Users will only b able to choose between 2 or 3GB of RAM. The phone will also have dual-SIM card slots and will come with Android Oreo out of the box.

Other features and release date

Two main features have been mentioned for these two phones: Bike mode, which turns of calls and notifications while the user is riding a bike, and Ultra Data Savings mode, which will stop apps from running in the background except six apps that the user will select.

Now, we do not have any clear information out there regarding the release date of these phones. They are already posted on Samsung’s official website which means that the launch date is going to be sooner than we think. With the South Korean company has just recently released the A6 and A6+ 2018 it will be a couple of weeks before they make another big unveiling.

Samsung Galaxy A6 quarterly updates

Samsung has decided to state that the Galaxy A6 and A6+ (both phones that have recently been released) will receive quarterly updates from Samsung Mobile Security. Now, with each new phone that gets released the South Korean company promises three years of constant security and software updates and they have been keeping their word thus far.

The problem that some users have encountered is the fact that their phone does not get the updates as fast as others do. This fault in timing is due to the region that the user lives in and the mobile company that is meant to send the updates. In a nutshell, some may receive the updates faster than others, but it is not Samsung’s fault.

In the future, we may get to see entry-level handsets get the same amount of attention as flagship smartphones. This will be because future Samsung phones will come with Android Oreo out of the box. Android Oreo is supported by Google’s Project Treble. Project Treble is responsible for the fact that developers now have gotten their hands on the preview version of Android P. This is a first because other third-party companies have access to the Android P preview developer version. To be more concise, the future of smartphones is very bright one.

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