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Samsung Galaxy J3 vs. Samsung Galaxy J5 – Battle of the Mid-Range Samsungs

South Korean tech giant Samsung gained fame quite early on through their various electronic devices, such as televisions and many more. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices seemed to be the least of their concerns. However, this changed completely in the last decade, and Samsung is now known mostly for its line of cutting edge smartphones. Their most well-known products are those from the Galaxy range, a line of devices that contains both smartphones and tablets.

And while the latest luxury device in the line, the Samsung Galaxy S8, launched earlier this year, it’s important not to forget that the company also produces quality affordable smartphones, such as those from their Galaxy J line. Today we’re taking a look at two devices from the line, the Samsung Galaxy J3 and the Galaxy J5.

Battle of the Mid-Range Samsungs

Just as the names might indicate, the J5 is slightly better than the J3, but only by a hair. It’s important to note that the J3 has been relaunched in a 2017 edition recently, while the corresponding 2017 J5 has yet to hit the market. Thus, it’s only natural for the two to be highly similar, seeing as they are both quite advanced models in the line. And similar they are, almost to a T.

The two phones operate on the same display technology, have the around the same RAM and inbuilt storage (although the J3 comes in two variants, one being slightly worse off). However, the J3 does run on a far better Spreadtrum quad-core chipset. The Samsung Galaxy J5’s Snapdragon is an aging model, and although the brand in itself is more established, this particular model lags behind the newer, more potent Spreadtrum.

Both phones cost about the same, so at the end of the day the choice is all up to you.

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