Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Make its Appearance in September after Fixing Issues

Rising over rumors and speculations, Samsung Electronics put out a blog on its Samsung Newsroom page in which the company has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be out in September. To some, it might have been a long wait from March/April when the phone was announced by Samsung and September when it will be finally available in the market for purchase. The company claims it has fixed the issues found in the device which resulted in the postponement of the launch.

Two Main Issues were Pointed Out

It was through the user community, including some in the media that Samsung got to know its foldable smartphone had two manufacturing defects. One was the display failing due to the peeling off of the top protective layer. The display on this foldable device is called Infinity Flex Display and the layer came off easily causing problems. The other issue was with the hinge when the phone was getting folded and it had some basic design issues.

Samsung quickly announced the postponement of the commercial launch of its first-ever foldable smartphone. Since then, there have been sporadic reports on how the company is working on these issues and the phone will be out in the market soon. It is only now that the company has confirmed that September is the month fixed for the relaunch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Both Issues Resolved

Samsung says it took care of the protective layer on the display by making it larger and spreading it beyond the bezels and securing it.

As far as the hinge goes, the company claims it has strengthened the hinge both on top and bottom and some protection caps have been added. Samsung has had to alter the design of the foldable phone to increase the space between the hinge and the body. This is a critical change since without doing this, the phone might have developed issues after usage. Samsung acted before such a catastrophe occurred.

One other issue that was discussed in forums about the foldable device was if the app developers had factored in the requirements for a foldable display for the apps to function normally. Samsung now assures the public at large that it has indeed addressed this issue and the user experience will be excellent.

Now, with the overall sentiments in the smartphone market, especially in the premium segment pretty somber, and with the Samsung Galaxy Fold priced close to $2,000, it remains to be seen how many phones the company will manage to sell.

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