Samsung Galaxy Fold Sells 1 Million Pieces, Claims Samsung

Surprising many observers, Samsung has officially claimed that it has already sold out its Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone priced at $1980. The general market expectation was that the price would be a limiting factor and the company may not be able to pull in customers to invest in the model. This negative expectation was also due to the fact that the model went through a testing period after it was launched, with serious defects in its display and the folding arrangement.

It’s an Official Figure

Unlike the usual market survey reports, the information on the Samsung Galaxy Fold selling 1,000,000 units was revealed by the company’s President Young Sohn in Germany. To be fair to the South Korean company, it quickly withdrew the product as soon as the issues were raised and it took its own time to rectify the defects before relaunching it.

The display peeling off was not very difficult to solve. The component is manufactured inhouse by one of its subsidiaries in South Korea. The company’s engineers came up with the solution to stretch the display to the edges, making sure it won’t peel off. The other issue of the hinge in the folding portion possibly tool longer to fix. Samsung would have spent more time testing it a sufficient number of times before being satisfied that it will not malfunction in the hands of the users.

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Coming from Samsung, the 1 Million Number can be Viewed Differently

The number 1 million units for a smartphone model that is priced close to $2,000 may sound a bit incredible. However, when you consider that Samsung Electronics sold as many as 78 million mobile phones in the first quarter of 2019, you would feel the number for this model looks very little. Again, there’s another figure to place this in perspective. There were 16 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S10 models sold by the company within just a couple of months of their being released in the market in March 2019.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Fold too, one has to appreciate that the company released across the world. In the United States, it is learned that the entire quantity of the company’s foldable smartphone model got gobbled up in a matter of minutes. The same has been reported from some other markets as well.

The novelty factor would have definitely had a role to play in triggering this craze to acquire the world’s first foldable smartphone. There were perhaps some attempts, but none came close to what the Samsung Galaxy Fold has on offer.

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