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Samsung Galaxy Fold Receives Firmware Updates to Bring it on Par with the Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Samsung Electronics of South Korea was faced with a peculiar situation. It had released, withheld and re-launched its Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. This first foldable smartphone is priced at close to $2,000. Within the interim period, it had launched two more devices, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in their different models/variants. These smartphones carried some advanced features, particularly in the optics section which the Galaxy Fold lacked. The company has since corrected this situation by sending the update patches OTA. Those customers who have the Samsung Galaxy Fold in their hands can receive these updates and use the features.

France and UAE Customers Getting the Updates

The countries where the software update version F900FXXU1ASJ4 is being rolled out currently are France and UAE. Rest of the geographies where the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been sold should be getting covered in the coming week. Most of these updates relate to the photography function and include Live Focus video mode, Night Mode for selfies and AR Doodle, etc. There will also be the video editor which has advanced capabilities like stitching multiple videos in one file. You can give captions to the videos as well.

Other Features Found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Besides these, there are other new features you find in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and there is no clarity if these are included in this update sent to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. These include a separate Night Mode for the telephoto lens and the Hyperlapse feature for the selfie camera. So far it is not very clear if these have also been included in this software update sent to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung would have surely done it and even if any of these had been left out, it may be sent in the subsequent update. You would want your customers who have paid $2,000 to own the foldable device to enjoy all the latest features you have developed for it.

In the normal course, if there had not been any issue with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the device had been sold and used in the market, these updates would have been provided. This is a practice all mobile manufacturers follow. The only cases where the updates cannot be sent are if the hardware is not compatible to run the latest software. These situations do happen, but hopefully, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be able to receive and run all the latest software that Samsung has included in the flagship smartphones being currently released.

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