Samsung Galaxy Fold is Clocking More Sale Numbers than Expected

Samsung Galaxy Fold is Clocking More Sale Numbers than Expected

There is news coming through that Samsung Electronics, South Korea is enjoying much better sales of its first foldable smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Fold than it had hoped for. This message has come through the company’s inhouse panel supplier, Samsung Display that has enhanced its production of the foldable panel for this model looking at the swift clearance of earlier lots of the handset. News reports in South Korea have covered this development.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Numbers Reveal the Full Story

In terms of numbers, August saw Galaxy Display manufacturing 40,000 panels while the company made 92,000 in September. The original plan was to produce only 67,000 units. This meant they were to increase production by 40% over its planned quantity. The plan for October is to make 102,000 panels indicating an upward trend. A newspaper report claims there will be 99,000 foldable panels for November. All these numbers go to show that Samsung Display is virtually using up its full production capacity of 3,300 panels a day. If this news is true, there is no doubt that Samsung’s first foldable smartphone has been a noteworthy success, though it may be a trifle early to conclude.

Actual Sales Beat the Doubters

In the marketplace, many times perceptions can cause more damage to a product than it deserves. With the backdrop of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which became a disaster for Samsung, and when there were issues with Samsung Galaxy Fold, cynics immediately jumped in and wrote the phone off. Eventually, Galaxy Display kept the market informed of steps taken to address two issues reported relating to the screen peeling off and folding mechanism. However, Samsung did not relaunch the phone after corrections were made. There was no commercial release even the first time; only a few pieces were given to people to make an evaluation.

Now, after its recent release, the first set of Samsung Galaxy Fold phones were sold through preorder in just minutes. The subsequent preorder lots may have taken a few hours. Still, these are impressive performances for a phone which some critics had felt won’t even sell. The foldable device is arguable an expensive smartphone model as well.

Going ahead, if Samsung is forced to make more of these foldable phones due to market demand there are constraints. The main issue is that one of the chemicals required to make such a display panel is manufactured in Japan and that country has put restrictions on its sales to South Korea. Samsung is working on finding alternatives. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is now available in limited geographies as of now. These include some countries in Europe, the USA and Singapore.

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