Samsung Galaxy Fold Fails the Scratch and Sand Test, Samsung Issues Caring Instructions

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold is an ambitious new take by Samsung on what smartphones can do and what smartphones can look like today. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was released initially in April 2019 but was soon retracted by Samsung due to some issues regarding the design and durability of the phone. Samsung took the phone to the drawing board again and came up with solutions to some of the problems the phone faced.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is being launched again by Samsung after doing some changes to the design of the phone to make it sturdier and more difficult to peel off the screen protection film which caused problems on the earlier version of the device. The relaunch was announced at IFA 2019 where the new phone was up for display.

A popular YouTuber named JerryRigEverything, who is famous for his scratch and bend test on phones on YouTube got his hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and did a series of tests on the latest foldable phone from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Fold survived the Bend tests as well as the Flame tests; however, it failed in the Scratch tests as well as the Sand tests.

Upon booting up the phone, the phone displays a series of warnings which says to avoid users from pressing hard on the screen, to not allow foreign objects in it, to avoid applying any screen protectors on the screen, as well as keeping the Galaxy Fold away from magnetic objects like credit cards as the Galaxy Fold contains magnets to snap it into its folded position. This means that you cannot keep your Galaxy Fold along with your wallet in your pockets.

In the Scratch tests, the phone performed normally on the external display but performed exceptionally poorly on the inner screen. The warning from Samsung should be taken seriously as even fingernails can do considerable damage to the display. In the dust resistance test, the YouTuber sprinkled some dust on the screen and closed the folded display. When the phone was opened, sand particles were already inside the hinge and made a few scratches on the display.

These tests prove that the Samsung Galaxy Fold, however revolutionary the device may be, is very fragile. It can be damaged even by some residual dust in your pant pockets. Samsung obviously knew about the fragility of its new device and released a video in which they told users to take care of their Samsung Galaxy Fold as “A Smartphone as incredible as this deserves care like no other.”

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