Samsung Galaxy Fold Fails in Yet Another Folding Test

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was released once again by Samsung on 27th September after calling off its production in April due to some design flaws. The new re-released phone aimed to fix those flaws and the design was made more durable.

According to Samsung, the device is made to withstand about 200,000 folds but a recent folding test conducted by CNET saw the Galaxy Fold’s display failing at the 120,169 folds mark.

Why did the Samsung Galaxy Fold Fail the Folding Test?

The test was conducted by placing the Galaxy Fold in a rig that folded and unfolded the device very quickly. The tests were performed by Samsung in a more controlled environment. Moreover, the folding and unfolding were done at a slower pace as well.

This may be the reason why the Galaxy Fold failed the torture test by CNET and performed well in the tests conducted by Samsung. In the real world, the Galaxy Fold won’t be folded slowly by users. The rapid folding and unfolding may have caused the hinge to malfunction.

Samsung’s Warning

When the Samsung Galaxy Fold was re-released, it was accompanied by a safety guidelines video by Samsung titled “Caring for your Galaxy Fold” that advised the users to keep the Galaxy Fold away from dust and dirt. It also told them not to touch the display with force. They justified the restrictions by saying that a smartphone as incredible as the Fold “deserves care”.

The Bright Side

Even though the Galaxy Fold didn’t reach the 200,000 mark as specified by Samsung, it crossed the 100,000 mark by a huge margin. Even if someone checks their smartphone regularly, he/she would open and close the Galaxy Fold around 80 -200 times. This ensures that the Galaxy Fold will last for several years. For average users, the Galaxy Fold would last three years.

The numbers still show that it’s an average smartphone but if you are a person who is shelling out $2000, you may not change your smartphone several times during a span of three years.

The folding phone concept is new to the market and it may take a few more years for most manufacturers to release a folding phone that is dust resistant along with the ability to withstand unlimited folds and unfolds. Till then, we can buy the Galaxy Fold and handle it with care or just wait for the next big thing.

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