Samsung Galaxy Fold Faces Yet Another Durability Test

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was rereleased by Samsung on 27th September after being called back due to some design flaws. The new re-released Galaxy Fold has since been the center of attention for Youtubers who try durability tests on smartphones. The revised Samsung Galaxy Fold came with a safety instructions video by Samsung, which told people to take care of the device by not exposing it to dust and by touching it gently.

Previously, a famous Youtuber called JerryRigEverything made a video about the Samsung Galaxy Fold where he performed scratch tests and dirt tests, the fold failed both of them. Now, there is a new durability test video by SquareTrade, an insurance firthatch tests how many folds and unfolds the new Samsung Galaxy Fold can endure.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Breakability Test by SquareTrade

To know how many folds and unfolds the hinge of the Samsung Galaxy Fold can endure, the company designed an automatic device that opens and closes the Samsung Galaxy Fold just like a natural user would do.

Samsung galaxy Fold Lab Test

Samsung also showcased such a test themselves, but their folding device was a lot slower than the one SquareTrade designed and their trials were performed in a lab environment with no external dust. The SquareTrade test was performed in a regular environment and so it is a more accurate measure of how durable the hinge of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is in a real world environment.

The Fold Test

According to the video, Samsung says that the mechanical hinge on the Samsung Galaxy Fold can withstand more than 120,000 folds and unfolds over a span of three years. However, at the end of the test, the hinge had some deterioration and wasn’t functioning normally.

galaxy Fold

Also, at around 20,000 folds, the middle part of the inner screen showed a blob of pixels malfunctioning which could easily be seen by the naked eye. This count is the number of folds that can be done in only about half a year. A similar blob of pixels was seen by Brian Heater by TechCrunch who found a mysterious blob in the middle of the screen just after one day of usage even after strictly following the safety instructions by Samsung.

When the fold reached 40,000 folds, the touchscreen became unresponsive due to some reason. But, after the phone was charged overnight, the touchscreen became functional again.

The Drop Test

After the Samsung Galaxy Fold survived the folding test, they subjected both the inner and outer displays to a drop test. Both of the displays were left useless after only one drop even with the protective case that Samsung provides.

These tests go on to show how fragile the Samsung Galaxy Fold is. It is still an early attempt at a folding phone and should be treated accordingly. It cannot be considere as a regular phone and requires special attention.

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