Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Gets its First Software Update

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy Fold has already received its first update. However, the update is only for the 5G variant of the device which is available for sale only in South Korea. Also, the update is a minor one with no significant changes to the software.

Samsung engineers hit the drawing board again and brought up the new Galaxy Fold, which is released worldwide. The 5G version of the device is only available in purchase in South Korea though.

Samsung recently re-released its Galaxy Fold smartphone worldwide after the first Galaxy Fold was withdrawn from markets due to some design flaws. However, Brian Heater from Techcrunch reports that his model had a mysterious blob in the middle of the display in a day even after following the safety guidelines issued by Samsung. He later goes on to explain that it may be a single manufacturing defect that can occur in review units.

First update

The new update is a minor one, unlike the Galaxy S10 update which brought some features from the Note 10 like the Camera features and DeX support. The new Galaxy Fold 5G doesn’t have these features yet, and it is expected to be released soon. The latest update’s firmware number is F907BXXU1ASHA and can be updated through OTA.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is also releasing its Galaxy Fold devices in India and UAE with pre-bookings starting October 4th. The Galaxy Fold 5G will still be limited to South Korea and won’t be released in the USA either.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Features

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G is essentially a 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold which was released in September. It has the same specifications as the Galaxy Fold like the two displays -one 4.6-inch front Super AMOLED display and the inner 7.3-inch infinity flex dynamic AMOLED display with 1536 x 2152 pixels. It has a triple rear camera setup, two cameras inside the phone and one selfie camera on the folded cover. It also features a 4335mAh dual battery in the 5G variant with wireless charging support.

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