Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with Clamshell Form Factor Appears Online

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2-side

A series of images of the upcoming clamshell form factor phone from Samsung has appeared in the Chinese social media site Weibo. The images are claimed to be the next foldable smartphone model though there is no way to confirm it straightaway. There are five photos of someone holding the phone, taken in different angles. There are a few specs and features that can be deduced from these.

Samsung Had Showcased a Clamshell Model Earlier

The new images show the foldable phone with the clamshell design folding vertically, not the book-like horizontal folding. The fully open display looks more like the Xperia range smartphones from Sony that sport aspect ratios of 21:9. There is the round hole in the top center following the Infinity-O display model Samsung has adopted. It will remind you of the good old flip phones of the feature phone era. The display has thick edges all around. The screen opens quite smoothly with no creases or wrinkles. It may be recalled that Samsung showcased a similar clamshell foldable phone at a conference a few months earlier.

Some of the other features which can be seen are the USB-C type port and the speaker grille. The rear of the phone has the camera setup that indicates there will be two cameras. This sends the signal that Samsung may launch this foldable device in the mid-range segment. The secondary display is quite small at about 1-inch in size.

More Specs from Korean Sources

Assuming the images are indeed of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, there are other details available from a Korean source that the phone will sport a 6.7-inch display. The size of the secondary display of 1-inch also has been mentioned in this report. This Korean publication has also pointed out that Samsung is looking more at the carrying convenience of the device rather than trying to project it as a foldable tablet.

The expectation is that the company may reveal more details of this model while launching the Galaxy S series flagships in February 2020.



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