Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to Get Leather Cover Like its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to Get Leather Cover Like its Predecessor

Any piece of information relating to Samsung’s flagship devices makes for interesting reading for the millions in the marketplace. The second foldable smartphone model from the South Korean tech major is likely to be called the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Rumors, however, indicate that the company may release this phone at a level much lower in terms of the segmentation in the market. The latest information on the device is that there will be an official accessory, a leather cover for it, just in the same way as its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Official Accessories are Priced a Little Higher

Samsung sells many accessories from its end as well, for its various models, though there are other products available in plenty in the market. These include covers for smartphones. Samsung sells the leather cover for the Samsung Galaxy Fold at a price of $129.99. You may feel this is on the higher side, but when large companies sell such proprietary accessories, they do price them higher. These covers are made using genuine Italian leather. It can be expected that the leather cover for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will also be sold at prices comparable to the price of the cover for the predecessor.

In terms of the color of the leather covers, they are speculated to be black and silver. The new foldable phone may be out in three colors, black, purple and white.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2-side

Other Information on the New Foldable Phone

There is no confirmation yet on when Samsung proposes to launch its second foldable smartphone model, but some details have been in the air for some time. The main factors being projected are that the form factor in this phone will change to the clamshell vertical folding design. When fully open, the main display will be 6.7-inch or 6.9-inches in size.

There would be a much smaller display once the phone is folded, not different from the ones you must have seen on the Moto Razr feature phones years ago. The smaller screen may not carry much display except the time and the incoming call number and some notifications of messages coming in. The battery level may also be seen on this display.

It is expected that this device might be priced below $1,000, half of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung must be currently busy preparing for the launch of the Galaxy S series flagships which are likely to be released on February 18, 2020.



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