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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Rumored to Have 8-inch Display, Snapdragon 865 SoC and 108MP Sensor

Samsung Galaxy Z teaser

Samsung has already made it clear that it will keep releasing more smartphones with foldable displays. So far, one vertical fold and book-like model has been launched and a clamshell type flip phone is expected to be launched on February 11. There have been rumors of a Z-shaped triple-fold phone from Samsung, which is yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, there is a fresh rumor of a foldable smartphone from Samsung that can open up to a large 8-inch display. This is expected to be like the first model, the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Triple Fold with Two Hinges Speculated

This is still in the form of speculations only. Having tasted success with the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, the South Korean company may be keen on releasing more models in order to meet its target of selling 6 million foldable smartphones in 2020. Though there were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be released as a mid-segment device with a Qualcomm 7 series processor at a price point below $900, subsequent reports have debunked this theory. The device is likely to have the QualcommSnapdragon 855 SoC processor. Going ahead, Samsung is most likely to follow the same pattern of releasing foldable smartphones as premium devices with high-end specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Z

Accordingly, the third foldable smartphone from Samsung is now rumored to be sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC with an8-inch display as indicated above. This may return to the book type opening but with two hinges and a triple fold. In addition, the phone is predicted to sport a108MP camera and an S-Pen. The rest of the specifications are not known. This foldable phone may be launched by Samsung in Q2 this year.

Now, where does that leave the other Z shaped triple-fold device seen on a Chinese website? It’s not clear. On many occasions, some random images found somewhere are touted as possible new releases. These need not be taken seriously.

Even this new report on a triple fold device with an 8-inch display could just be mere speculation and you will have to treat it with a pinch of salt.

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