Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Rumored to Come with Two Batteries

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Rumored to Come with Two Batteries

The internet is full of speculation regarding the next foldable smartphone offering from Samsung – the Galaxy Fold 2. Some rumors pointed at an affordable variant of the Fold and others suggested a vertically folded clamshell design like a flip phone.

Even though we don’t know whether the device will be called the Galaxy Fold 2 or not, we know that the device is codenamed “Bloom” and is going to have the model number SM-F700F. Recent leaks regarding the batteries on the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 give us an idea about the form factor of the device.

Galaxy Fold 2 to Have Two Batteries

According to a report by GalaxyClub, the Galaxy Fold 2 is going to have two batteries just like its predecessor. However, this time the two batteries won’t be of the same size and capacity.

The battery capacity of the Galaxy Fold was 4,380mAh for both the batteries combined. The batteries on the predecessor were (almost) equally distributed into two halves with one half having a 2,135mAh battery and the other having a 2,245mAh battery.

According to the report, the Galaxy Fold 2 is going to have two batteries with part numbers EB-BF700ABY and EB-BF701ABY respectively. The capacity of the EB-BF701ABY battery will be 900mAh. We don’t know the capacity of the EB-BF700ABY battery, but it can be easily said that it would be greater than 900mAh as the combined capacity of 1800mAh will not be acceptable for a flagship.

Clamshell Design Seemingly Confirmed

According to earlier leaks and reports, the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to have a clamshell design with the display folding vertically like a flip phone. This battery arrangement fits perfectly in such a design since the vertical part of the display can hold the smaller battery and the horizontal part can hold the larger battery.

Bloomberg also reported that Samsung has made mockups of the vertically folding device and is now fine-tuning the design. The reported design will feature a 6.7-inch display that can be folded vertically. The front of the device is reported to have a 1-inch display to show information when the device is folded.

Samsung has just confirmed the clamshell design by releasing a YouTube video today titled “A New Form Factor for Foldable Smartphones”. The video starts with the original Galaxy Fold design and then the form factor changes to the new clamshell design which was reported earlier.

If this form factor is used in the final product, the smaller 900mAh battery would be placed beneath the smaller display at the front and the larger battery can be placed in the other half of the device.

There isn’t a lot of information regarding the Galaxy Fold 2 available as of now. The device is rumored to be more affordable than the original Galaxy Fold and will be released in more countries upon launch. It is expected to launch by early 2020.

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