Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Will Retain Similar Design, May Add Active Noise Cancellation

Galaxy Buds+

Samsung is not going to give up at all because Apple has confirmed that they are making millions on AirPods sale. The Galaxy Buds+ is Samsung’s direct reply to the AirPods Pro which will be an improved version of their truly wireless earbuds that is also rumored to bring in the active noise cancellation feature.

For those of you who are completely new to this earphone scenario, ANC is a feature that makes use of an additional microphone to cut the outside noise and allow you to immerse yourself in true aural bliss. Apple AirPods Pro received rave reviews from hardcore PC enthusiasts and audiophiles for its ease of use, sound quality, and overall value for money. It will sell amazingly well even if it didn’t receive all these positive recommendations.

Samsung, on the other hand, is said to be shipping the Galaxy Buds+ for free to buyers who pre-order the Galaxy S11 phones when they are officially revealed next year. The release date is probably sometime in February or March next year during which buyers can make use of this offer to go hands-free. After all, it is highly likely that the headphone jack will be removed from all Samsung flagship phones in the future and a pair of truly wireless earbuds will come in handy.

samsung Galaxy Buds

Similar Design, Improved Features

The first and most prominent leak for the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ which is a pro version of the existing Galaxy Buds came from the SmartThings app. When developers stripped the code of the APK file at XDA Developers, they found hints of the new Galaxy Buds and the animations which revealed the design of the upcoming product to be similar to the existing variant.

The Galaxy Buds+ will be made available in a wide range of color choices including black, white, blue and a pink edition. The idea is to make it more appealing to people of all age groups and gender as well as make it a global product. Besides, anyone who owns an Android phone can probably go in for the new Buds, unlike Air Pods that are primarily targeted for Apple users.

Active Noise Cancellation is the most sought after feature but it may also have other minor improvements such as a better fit in your ear canals, improved music quality, and enhanced battery life. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is expected to be launched really soon as support pages for the product is already available on the Samsung website.

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