Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Full Specifications Now Revealed Ahead of Official Release

Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Full Specifications Now Revealed Ahead of Official Release

When news trickled in that Samsung was offering a set of free Galaxy Buds+ for those placing pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy 20 models, many wondered what improvements have been brought about over the Galaxy Buds. The detailed specifications of the Galaxy Buds+ are now in the public domain, thanks to a leak by Evan Blass, who tweets regularly on such information.

The key improvement is obviously the battery life which is critical to the use of the earbuds since most users rely on it while on the move to listen to music or for voice calls. The last thing you would want is to run out of battery when you are in the tube traveling back from work and want to listen to some soothing music.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Larger Battery Capacity Giving Longer Life

There has been a considerable bump in the battery size from the Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy Buds+. You now have 85mAh batteries each on the Galaxy Buds+, up from 58mAh. The case is fitted with another 270mAh. This means that the Galaxy Buds+ offers you an overall battery life of 22 hours, almost double from the 13 hours you could enjoy with the Galaxy Buds. The increase in the size of the batteries has definitely increased their weight, but that was to be expected. You have the wireless charging facility as well. All these for just an additional $20; the Galaxy Buds+ are sold at $149 against $120 for the Galaxy Buds. If you are lucky while placing your order for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ or the S20 Ultra, you can get a pair of these free from Samsung. You get four color choices on the Galaxy Buds+, white, black, red and blue.

Noise Cancellation is Not Included, But You Can Expect Better Audio

The Galaxy Buds+ from Samsung are fitted with dual dynamic drivers comprising 1 woofer and 1 tweeter. You get an additional microphone as well, on each of the buds. These ensure that the overall audio quality is far improved from the predecessor. The absence of an active noise cancellation feature may not be felt by the user.

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Dedicated iOS App

Samsung possibly realized that in markets like the US and Canada there are more iPhone users and to ensure that they can also buy their Galaxy Buds+ and enjoy, a dedicated app for iOS has been developed. This app allows you to customize the controls on the buds and to keep track of the battery levels.



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