Samsung Galaxy Book vs. Microsoft Surface Pro – Which One to Pick?

With the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 in 1 tablet rapidly approaching, many have wondered if it’s worth buying instead of other hybrids available on the market. One strong contender for it shapes up in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Book. So can the Samsung Galaxy Book hold its own in front of the newer Microsoft Surface Pro? Let’s discuss.


While the camera is no one’s main concern when choosing a new tablet, and we know that tablet cameras are generally and unanimously awful, it’s still worth discussing here. The Surface Pro clearly wins because it has two cameras, front and back, while the Galaxy Book only has a 5MP frontcam. On the other hand, the Microsoft tablet also has a 5MP frontcam, but its rear cam clocks in at 8MP, which isn’t too shabby for a tablet. But enough on that, let’s move along.


The Samsung Galaxy Books 10 and 12 are both lighter and more elegant than the Microsoft Surface Pro, but they have one major flaw: the kickstand is very inconveniently placed. Thus, the Microsoft Surface Pro is far easier to prop up.


Here is where the real battle’s at. And the Microsoft Surface Pro clearly wins here, because it has three wholly different variants to offer. First we have the one with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage running on an Intel Core m3-7Y30, then we have the 8GB RAM 256GB storage running on Intel Core i5-7300U, and finally we have the 16GB RAM and 512GB storage running on the very advanced Intel Core i7-766OU. The Samsung Galaxy Book 10 can’t even come close to that, and neither can the Samsung Galaxy Book 12. So the verdict is this: choose the Microsoft Surface Pro when it launches on June 15.

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