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Samsung Galaxy Active Pro Could be the new 10.1 inch Tablet in the Works

Some predictions are being made that Samsung could soon launch a larger sized tablet under the Samsung Galaxy Active series. The recent model has an 8-inch screen and this may be bumped to 10.1 inches in the new tablet according to the inputs available. The information available is in two separate forums. One is the set of applications for trademark registration filed by the South Korean giant in many countries including its home country and the name being sought to be registered is the Samsung Galaxy Active Pro.

Elsewhere, there is a report claiming that Samsung is in the process of developing a new tablet with a screen size of 10.1 inches. Observers are putting these together to suggest that this new tablet will be the same Samsung Galaxy Active Pro.

Galaxy Tab A (2019)

Meanwhile, there have been earlier reports of a tablet from the company that is identified by a code SM-T545. Now, should you conclude that the 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Active Pro and SM-T545 are one and the same? It may be difficult to give a confirmation on that as yet. Even otherwise, most of the above are currently in the form of speculation and guesswork.

The reason such doubts are raised is that Samsung has a steady stream of tablets being released in the market one after the other. There is every possibility that there may be three tablets being discussed here; one 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Active tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Active Pro tablet and one that is known by the code SM-T545! Again, these are also mere surmises. Any confirmation has to come directly from the manufacturer’s end. That is not to say that the sources like GalaxyClub providing such information are unreliable. On most occasions, they may be getting it spot on.

Samsung has its focus on multiple product lines and each division will be busy planning far ahead for designing products. The process of creating a product and releasing it in the market could take several months. It is only when a finished product is submitted to the benchmarking sites and details leak from there that you can say the product could be out in the market soon.

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