Samsung Galaxy A91 with Minor Modifications from A90 Leaked

Samsung is about to release a new model Samsung Galaxy A91, which may come with almost all the specifications that were there in the earlier A90, but with a few minor changes. This has been revealed through leaks by Sammobile that claims to have in its possession, full specifications of the new phone. On the face of it, there doesn’t appear to be many differences between the Samsung Galaxy A90 and A91. Read on.

No Change in Display Size, Processor

From whatever details Sammobile has leaked about the soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy A91, the phone’s display is expected to be the same 6.7-inch Super AMOLED which the Galaxy A90 sports. Similarly, the processor will also be Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC like earlier. RAM will be 8 GB and internal storage 128 GB. There is no mention of provision for a microSD card. It is not clear if it was overlooked or if Samsung is dropping this feature from the Galaxy A91.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Unbox

109MP Sensor Missing in the Camera

Incidentally, this is not the first time one is hearing about Samsung Galaxy A91 from various rumor circuits. The excitement around this model was built for some time with the prediction that it will be fitted with a 109MP primary shooter. The fresh leak from Sammobile, however, claims that Galaxy A91 will have a 48MP camera as its primary sensor and a triple-sensor rear camera set up similar to the Samsung Galaxy A90. If there is any difference, it will be in the secondary lens, which has been bumped from 8MP to 12MP. It is an ultrawide lens. There is no change in the third camera or depth sensor’s specifications as well. A 32MP camera that is seen in front of the Samsung Galaxy A90 can be expected to be included here too. No change likely as per this leak.

The same 4,500mAh battery is being predicted to feature in A91. The only difference indicated is that Samsung’s upcoming handset’s battery will support the 45-W Superfast charging feature. Most smartphone companies include a much lower-rated charger in the pack and users have to invest in a separate charging unit and take benefit of the full charging potential. Samsung may follow the same with the Galaxy A91.

There is no information on the launch date of the new phone. The likely scenario is somewhere at the beginning of 2020.

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