Samsung Galaxy A8 Star, S8 Lite and Galaxy S9’s Fast Mobile Internet Speed Test

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star, S8 Lite and Galaxy S9’s Fast Mobile Internet Speed Test

Another day, another Samsung related article. Such a thing has almost become a routine in 2018 since the South Korean company has been hard at work coming up with more and more phones that are suited for every price range possible. This ensures that the consumer has the option to buy a phone that he or she finds affordable and be happy with the specs that the phone has. Now, today we will be talking about the recently leaked specs of Samsung’s Galaxy A8 Star and S8 Lite to give you more information about the two.

We will also be discussing the internet speed tests done by Ookla in partnership with Samsung and giving you more details about the relevance of the results.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus test result – initial overview

As with any flagship phone that gets released on the market, people are expecting it to perform as smooth as possible in some departments and internet speed is one of them. Since we go online on a daily basis, we need to make sure that our phone can connect easily to a Wi-Fi network or that it does not heat up or slow down when we are using our data.

Since Samsung will soon celebrate two months after the release of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus this move was only to be expected. They partnered up with Ookla and decided to test the internet speed of the S9, the iPhone X, Google’s Pixel 2 and of the Galaxy S7. This was meant to track the LTE performance of the Galaxy S9. The tests showed that the S9 was 37 percent faster than the iPhone X, 38 percent faster than the Galaxy S7 and 17 percent faster than the Pixel 2.

Overall, this would mean that Samsung Galaxy S9 is generally up to 42 percent faster than other competing smartphones when it comes to its download speed. The most significant difference came when the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus were put against iPhone X. Here, the results showed that the S9 could save consumers around 10 minutes of downloading time for a ten-episode TV show season, meaning that it downloaded 8GB of data in only 26 minutes.

Do these tests mean anything?

Are the test results as amazing as Samsung is making them out to be? We believe not, and we will tell you why. The study is a legitimate one, and it was conducted in a controlled environment on “major nationwide carrier 4G LTE networks” between February and April. Now, this does not mean that the test performed in a controlled environment are a reflection of what users might encounter when they use their phones in a real-life setting.

There are some other variables that we need to take into account in a real-life setting. First of all, we would have to first think of the network that we are on. How many apps are running in the background on data? What area are you in and the coverage that you are getting and last but not least, the type of file that you are downloading, its size and the place where you are downloading it from. So, in a nutshell, if we take all of these variables into account, the S9 and S9 Plus are not necessarily better than any of the other competing phones on the market. This just means that in a real life situation with the S9 you might save a couple of seconds when downloading something.

All about Samsung Galaxy A8 Star and S8 Lite

As with any news regarding a phone, a leak says that the model number for the S8 Lite is going to be SM-G8750 and the one for Galaxy A8 Star is going to be SM-G8850. We saw the same model numbers appear on TENAA in China and Galaxy S8 Lite’s model number was spotted on AnTuTu and the Bluetooth SIG website.

Now, specs wise, these two phones leave nothing to the imagination, not after recent leaks at least

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star will be powered by the Snapdragon 660 processor which will be paired with the Adreno 512 GPU. It will also feature 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The size of the display is going to be 5.8 inches. Battery wise, the phone will come with a 3,000mAh one, meaning that you will get almost a full day of mixed use out of your phone with one full charge. Speaking of charging your phone, the A8 Star will come with fast charging 9.0V output at 1.67A and a standard 5.0V at 2.0A charging. The phone is going to be available in two color options. Users can purchase it either in Black or Blue.

Galaxy S8 Lite is pretty similar to A8 Star. Rumors say that it will come with the Snapdragon 660 processor paired with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The camera on the rear end is going to be 12MP and powering the phone will be a 3,000mAh battery.

Both of these phones will come with Android Oreo straight out of the box. The release date has yet to be confirmed, but we believe that these devices will be announced on the 21st of May in China. Further details about the price of these two phones and their availability remain to be unveiled at a later date and we cannot wait to hear more about it.



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