Samsung Galaxy A7 to be Equipped with a Triple-Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy A7 to be Equipped with a Triple-Camera Setup

The three-camera array fray has a new member, and it is Samsung. The phone which will feature this spec is Galaxy A7, and the company announced that it is going to be available only for Asia and Europe: it will be a midrange device equipped with a unique three-camera setup on the rear. This system will include a 5MP depth lens used for a bokeh effect, 24MP sensor with autofocus and an 8MP wide-angle lens that is able to capture up to a 120-degree field of view. Where are you expecting that? Practically, any kind of picture you want to take will look professional no matter your skills.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Specs

The Galaxy A7’s Super AMOLED display is Full HD+ and measures 6 inches, it got a 3,300mAh battery, up to 6GB of RAM, octa-core 2.2GHx chipset, and 128Gb expandable storage. At the moment it will run on Android Oreo. The price of the phone is still unknown, but we will find out how much the phone costs on 11th of October.

Huawei was the only one to experiment with a three-camera setup by now on its P20 Pro. Vlad Savov from The Verge loved the ability of the camera to produce such amazing photos, and he also said that this is the best Huawei phone the company has ever made. What is for sure is that Samsung will not miss the chance to introduce this camera system on to its flagship devices as well. We have also heard that the South Korean tech giant is planning on releasing the Galaxy S10 with a system including five cameras, but it might be too many for the average user. Head of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh said in an interview with CNBC earlier this month that at the moment they are focusing on their midrange devices in order to satisfy the people who need a new phone but can’t afford a flagship too.

Samsung Innovative Technologies

The most expensive smartphones are the ones to get first a new feature or the most innovative technologies, but Samsung is trying out a different approach. The same DJ Koh suggested the mid-range phones would usually get those new features after the flagship phones. Now it is the moment for the midrange phones to shine and be differentiated by the flagship phones.

Koh also added that the mobile development team from Samsung would soon be prepared to take onto this strategy shift. The Galaxy A of this year is said to be the first phone which will take part in the new design approach from the South Korean tech giant. The phones from the Samsung Galaxy A series usually cost 400$ which is a very affordable price compared to flagships like Note 9 or S9, but not too cheap either compared to some other people’s budgets.

During the past couple of years, the mobile revenues of Samsung have been sliding over, and the smartphone market is in a continuous change: while the US is a big fan of the high-end phones, other markets from other parts of the world are more sensitive when it comes to prices while still wishing to experience the higher-end features and specs too.

That balance can be offered by plenty of phones as it does not take long for a key feature present in a flagship phone to move onto a midrange phone. It is just a matter of not even a month for phone manufacturers to design phones which include these specs for those markets. So…everybody will be satisfied right? At least this is the goal of the economy.

Samsung is one of the companies which will move higher-end features from phone to phone in order for everybody to be happy and so it will do with the Galaxy A series which includes 18:9 screen and dual front-facing cameras. However, the market no longer accepts phones with notes so it will be harder for Samsung to compete with OnePlus or other such companies which do not waste time to bring these features on to midrange phones.

With that being said, to put it more straightforwardly, Samsung is focusing on making millennials buy their phones.



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