Samsung Galaxy A7 and its Latest Cameras Specs

The mid-range phones from Samsung are quite appreciated by people who do not afford a flagship from the S series or do not want to stick with the low-cost ones. Galaxy A is Samsung’s such phone that is very popular. It is essential for every Galaxy A model to include something spectacular and make sure they are unique. The Galaxy A7 is officially the best Samsung has done with this series.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Rear Camera Setup

What makes the Galaxy A7 so special is that it is the first phone to be equipped with a triple rear camera setup. The Galaxy A7 will show purchasers the greatness of having three cameras compared to one. Surprisingly Samsung did not reserve these specifications for its more expensive phones such as the Note and Galaxy S.

Now we are going to talk about this cameras. To be more familiar with the subject, let’s see what each one does and how is each special in its way. The cameras that are part of this trio are the 24MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture, an 8MP 120-degrees ultra wide-angle lens with f/2.4 aperture, and a 5MP depth sensor with f/2.2 aperture.

Each one of this cameras has a specific use and different specs which means that we need to talk about them separately. The big advantage of having three cameras is that you can choose the shooting mode yourself. You can take professional photos without getting too much equipment which can become expensive.

If you want to capture low-light images and have them look good as well, then you should choose to use the primary sensors which comes with a wide f/1.7 aperture that facilitates that. Besides that, it also comes with a standard 78-degree field of view, and then the 8MP ultra-wide angle lens comes into the game. Using these two cameras, you will get more objects and better-detailed captures into the frame of your phone. If you need to shoot depth of field pictures, then the third sensor will come in handy. This last sensor is great as well because you can choose yourself the level of blur you want in the background by using Live Focus.

If you want to test our phone and see how powerful its cameras are, you can take pictures of the natures including plants and sunsets. Keep in mind that you also need to alternate the light. A little hack that you could use is to adjust the ISO so the light balance will be kept by two of the sensors. This is very helpful when the natural light is not enough, but when it is too much, you need to adjust the brightness level so everything will be into balance and you will get better shots.

The display Galaxy A7 has is Super AMOLED which makes the pictures look a little oversaturated which gives them a sense of fakeness in bright conditions. The colors that pop up more than others are green and red, which is not a disadvantage in certain situations, but might come off as annoying in some other. If you are a user that likes vivid and bright pictures, then this is the phone for you.

The Galaxy A7 does not stop to surprise us. You will see that in Pro Mode you will be allowed to experience the power of ISO, exposure and white balance. It is not to permitting regarding controls, but it is still great to have this feature. Only four presets are offered by the white balance setting such as Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent and Daylight which might not also end up being helpful.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Now, after giving you more details about the camera, this Galaxy A7 from Samsung has, maybe you can imagine how the picture you take would have looked like using a combination of three cameras. This is an innovation that can be used by people on a budget as well because Samsung thought this decision well. Besides that, this is quite a problematic specification, so maybe it comes more natural to the company to test it on the mid-range phone buyers group, then mounting it directly to the Galaxy S10 or other feature phones of them.

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