Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Triple Lens Camera and Corning Gorilla Glass

After making its global debut last week, Samsung will bring its first triple lens phone in India. The A7 2018 continues the premium mid-range segment of the A-line but it will face some serious competition when it comes to pricing, like the Asus Zenfone 5Z AND OnePlus 6 flagships.

Samsung did not shy away when it comes to the premium aspect as it used flagship quality materials for the new device. Corning Gorilla Glass shields the display and the back of the device, which is also packed in a stylish aluminum frame.

The triple lens camera came as a welcome surprise, and is it is Samsung’s first try; it will be interesting to observe how it will perform in actual use. The arrays link one 24 MP sensors, an ultra-wide lens at 8MP and depth 5MP sensor with an F2.2 aperture. The front camera will also have an impressive 24MP camera with a wide F2.0 aperture.

The Super AMOLED display offers an impressive 1080×2220 at a 6.0 Inches size, which is more than enough for comfortable video binging or scoring some sweet PUBG Mobile kills. The colors look impressive, but more details will come after the first units are reviewed.

When it comes to what is under the hood, Samsung does not disappoint. The device is powered by an octa-core 2.2 GHz ARM Cortex A-53 processor. It is surprising that Qualcomm was not selected, but it is rumored that Samsung wants to use only the most powerful offerings from Qualcomm in its future devices so that may be one of the reasons. Memory comes in two sizes, with 64 and 128 GB of internal memory available and either six or four GB of RAM for the smaller memory version and 4 GB for the 128 GB one. You can also boost the memory by using a memory card up to 512 GB, which will provide plenty of space for everything you need. Sound quality will also be great as Samsung has opted for Dolby Atmos speakers and active noise cancellation during phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 dual-SIM variants

Connectivity is also rich, as the device will be offered in single and dual-SIM variants, speedy Wi-Fi and enhanced Bluetooth 5.0 with a Low Energy mode. For those that love radios and but hate streaming, an FM radio function is already included.

Security is also important, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner will be certainly useful for those that prefer to unlock their device with their finger instead of a PIN or other passwords.

The device has already been hyped by Samsung CEO DJ Koh, which declared that the A-series will continue to bring innovation at a reasonable price, by offering devices that can be used every day but also offer interesting new features.

While the new iPhone series has already arrived, it seems that the iPhones are not very popular in India, as the cost is quite high and Android terminals are more popular due to the more affordable prices and open system. Even those that want a large device will probably opt for alternatives to the iPhone XS Max, which is basically just a larger XS with no other advantage.

Another big turn-off may be the fact that while most iPhone buyers do not value what is inside the device, as their focus on the Apple experience they know and enjoy. But Android dominates India at a staggering 95% market share, so it seems that the experience may not be as attractive as Apple likes to think.

It remains to be seen if Samsung will hit gold as the new A7 2018 will launch later this week during an exclusive event in New Delhi.

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