Samsung Galaxy A51 Expected to Release Worldwide in 2020

Samsung is doing well in the mid-range smartphone market nowadays. This credit partly goes to the Samsung Galaxy A50, which is one of the most selling mid-range smartphones by the manufacturer. To build upon the success of the Galaxy A50, the South Korean company is going to release the Galaxy A51 which would improve Samsung’s standing in the mid-range devices sales.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Worldwide Launch

Reports of the new Galaxy A series smartphones surfaced back in August when Samsung was expected to launch the Galaxy A71 and the Galaxy A91 handsets in 2021. Now, the Galaxy A51 has been added to the list.

The model number of the Galaxy A51 will be SM-A515F, which corresponds to the Galaxy A line-up of smartphones. The device is also expected to ship with Android 10 out of the box which leads us to believe that the device will be released after the Galaxy S11.

Samsung always releases the Galaxy S flagship series with the latest software updates before launching other devices with the latest Android version. This is why the Galaxy A51 is expected to arrive after the Galaxy S11.


Galaxy A51 Specifications

The full specifications of the upcoming Galaxy A51 smartphone by Samsung aren’t known yet. However, we know partial information about the device.

Samsung is known to be developing the next version of the processor that is used in the Galaxy A50, the Exynos 9630. The new processor might end up in the Galaxy A51, but we are not sure about it. The cameras on the device are expected to be high resolution with two high-resolution 48MP and 64MP sensors. The 48MP sensor was also seen in the Galaxy A50 by Samsung.

Galaxy A51 Pricing and Release Date

The Galaxy A50 was a massive hit among the customers in various markets as the device provided flagship-grade specifications with mid-range prices. We expect that they will price the Galaxy A51 also competitively so that the customers will get good value for their money.

Since the Galaxy A50 was released shortly after the Galaxy S10, we expect the Galaxy A51 to be released after the release of the Galaxy S11 by Samsung in 2020. There is still quite some time for the highly anticipated release of the Galaxy A51. As the release date comes closer, we will see more leaks regarding the Galaxy A51 surface on the web.

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