Samsung Galaxy A10: Samsung’s Foray into Under Display Scanner?

Samsung Galaxy A10: It may be the first device from Samsung to feature the in-display or under-display fingerprint scanner, that the trade calls “UDS”. It has been a long time coming. While Samsung goes out of the way to showcase its technological capabilities with new ideas and features, sometimes it takes longer to adopt some changes. The 3.5 mm jack is one such change the company is still to provide on its S series flagships. Now, this UDS feature too is something that has been around in the industry for some time and you have the Chinese smartphones flaunting them.

Galaxy A10 May be Revealed in MWC 2019

The speculation now is that the in-display biometric identification feature may be included in the Samsung Galaxy A10. The South Korean company may utilize the opportunity at the MWC to share the details with the media on this. There is a kind of pattern with the company to try out some new ideas on the models it considers safer to risk with. The major disaster it had with the Galaxy Note 7 hurt the company badly and it still does things with caution. Even the last year’s Samsung Galaxy S9 phones had some issues with the way the digital voice assistant Bixby was functioning, but it did not balloon into a crisis. The latest move to have the quadruple rear camera setup in the Galaxy A9 is another case in point.

Samsung Does Not Want Issues to Crop Up

If you want to know how Samsung feels about some of these things, look at what Google is having to put up with. Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones are in the news almost daily for the wrong reasons and the latest has to do with the fingerprint sensor not working properly! And while Google can take care of these through software updates and its loss may not be serious, Samsung cannot afford to have a similar situation. It has much more at stake. This is the reason the company might have chosen the introduction of UDS in the Samsung Galaxy A10 first and if it is successful, then bring it to the mainstream Galaxy S series phones. The other rumor about this phone is that it may sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845SoC as the main processor. This suggestion is based on the premise that with the Snapdragon 710 SoC having been used in the earlier version, the natural progression could be the 845. There’s no confirmation on this yet.

So, it could be the under-display optic sensor for the Samsung Galaxy A10 and 3D ultrasonic sensors for the S10 models.

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