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Samsung Galaxy A10, A30 and A50 Specs Leaked; A10, A20 and A30 Sighted on Wi-Fi Alliance Site

There has been enough stuff already written on the plans that Samsung has for releasing the Galaxy A series phones over 2019. The series starts with Galaxy A10, A20, A30 and it will go up to A90. The higher the number, the better the specs. Of these, the Samsung Galaxy A10, A20 and A30 have appeared today on the Wi-Fi Alliance site for certification and the OS mentioned there reveals the phones will be out with the Android Pie OS. These phones may get released once Samsung is through with the major annual event, that of launching its flagship S series phones on the 20th of this month.

Specifications of A10, A30 and A50 Disclosed

Meanwhile, the full specs of A10, A30 and A50 phones were made public today in a leak. The A50 ranks the highest among the three and this and the A30 will sport identical 6.4-inch super AMOLED display while the A10 will come with a 6.2 inch HD+ display. Again, the display being fitted is the Infinity U for the A30 and A50 whereas it will be Infinity V for the A10. The differentiation between the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A30 starts from hereon. In the camera section, the A50 has a triple camera setup; the A30, a dual camera and the A10 just single shooter in the rear. In the A50, it will be 25MP+5MP+8MP and on the A30, its going to be 16MP+5MP and on the A10, a 13MP camera can be found. The selfie cameras in the three phones will be 25MP, 16MP and 5MP respectively.

Samsung Galaxy A50 spec

The processors are going to be like this: the Samsung Galaxy A50: Exynos 9610; A30: Exynos 7904 and A10: Exynos 7884B. The RAM will vary from 3GB to 6GB and the internal storage 32GB to 128GB. The A10 model will not have any expandable storage, whereas the other two, A30 and A50 will have the provision to expand the storage to 512GB via a microSD card. Interestingly, Samsung has gone in for an identical 4000 mAh battery on all the three models with the fast charging facility.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 can be seen as a basic phone with the other two being released with all the premium features.

Now, these are not from any official Samsung source, but leaked specs. They could be the precise specifications. On the other hand, these may not be the final specifications. You must wait till there is some kind of an official confirmation on these.

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