Samsung Foldable Phone: Release date, specs, price, rumors and news

Samsung Foldable Phone: Release date, specs, price, rumors and news

Did you just think that Samsung Edge Display was far too impressive and cool? You are far off as a cooler device from the same company is expected to hit the market. You have heard about the foldable phones for years now, and the company has finally given an indication about this new technology and the appearance of the device during the annual Samsung Developer Conference. With countless specifications whether the device will fold or not and whether the size will resemble a smartphone or tablet, and how far it will grab the attention of the audience etc. are still to be seen. However, it seems that people may not have to wait longer for this smartphone to arrive. As far as rumours go, the phone may be called Galaxy F or X as one has been hearing coming for the last couple of years. For now, it is good to refer to it as the foldable phone from Samsung to make it simple, until the device is unveiled officially.

The naming of the device

There are dozens of names coming out for the foldable phone of Samsung and Galaxy F or X are the names used for referring to this device. However, with the date of its release coming closer, there are a lot of other things you may know about the name of the foldable device. With rumours going on for some time, it appears this device is finally going to get its name. While unearthing a trademark application filed recently with the name Samsung Galaxy and the status that it is still due for release indicates that this might be the new foldable phone from Samsung. However, we cannot be sure whether this is the same foldable device that is due for release. You have to watch out until the final day of unveiling the device to know the exact name.

Samsung foldable phone cost and release date

The company launched the Infinity Flex display during the annual developer conference in the month of November, and you may be lucky to get a hint about the release date and the price of the device. With its plans to begin mass production of Infinity Flex display in the coming months, the audience can expect a release date in the first half of 2019. It seems that all the rumours that you have been getting about the release of this device until now are true. However, it is yet to be seen whether the phone is going to arrive within a few months of the company’s announcement of the mass production of the foldable displays or whether the release of the device can be pushed back further.

As far as the release date of the device is concerned, you might get a glimpse of it at CES January or the company may prefer to wait until the Mobile World Congress which is due in the month of February. According to the latest rumors coming from a South Korean news agency, Samsung is going to announce the launch of this phone in the Mobile World Congress to be held in February 2019 and the release of the device can be expected in the month that follows.

Samsung Foldable Phone

When it comes to the price of the foldable device, the scenario is still nebulous. The prices of different foldable models are likely to stay between $1900 and $2550. Regardless of the speculations, the foldable device of this company is going to be the most expensive handset the company has released. Even if the company decides to adjust the prices of the foldable devices, you can expect to pay a lot for them.

Design of the device

You may not know how exactly the phone is going to look due to conflicting reports pouring in from different sources. With the launch of the foldable displays recently, you may get a few details about the design. Sources predict that the foldable device of Galaxy is going to appear same as it looked during the launch when the company appeared to have put the device somewhere else to hide the major aspects of the design. What we can see right now is that when the device is folded, the outer part of the display only consumes a smaller part of the backside, which appears consistent with what the people could view when the Samsung announced the launch of the foldable device on the stage.

According to some other sources, the phone that appears to be a tablet when fully folded is just ideal for all those functions that are to be carried out on a big screen. To make it pocket-friendly, you can unfold the device and keep it inside the pocket easily. The malleability of the display is the core of the design and the coincidental revelation of the flexible OLED panel during the summer reveals that the foldable device might have a similar display. However, no one is quite sure whether the company is going to use the same technology or not. Until the final release, the audiences have to stay satisfied with the speculation that the durability of the OLED panel might be the most suitable thing the device needs.

Samsung Foldable Phone Design

Infinity Flex Display

The audiences could get the first look of the device during the November conference but it was largely kept out of view. However, this new display that was clearly visible during the conference was being referred to as the Infinity Flex Display. You can fold and unfold the device repeatedly without disturbing the quality of the display. The maker of the device claims that you can easily fold and unfold the device hundreds of times without single wear or tear. To keep the design of the phone a secret, it was especially kept in an outer shell but what you know right now is that the screen size of the device can measure about 7.3 inches when opened out completely.

The primary aspect that the company showed during the conference was the display of the foldable device, the audience was shown different uses of the flexibility of display for those models that can be rolled and stretched, even though these aspects may not be present on the device which is slated for release. However, the company may be able to create a more constructive display with the development of the applications. The statement of the company that the phone can be folded and unfolded without any wear or tear shows that the foldable model awaiting release may have more lifespan than the average smartphone models.

Infinity Flex Display

During the conference, the mechanism of folding and unfolding was showed to the audience a number of times and when fully folded out, the device resembles a tablet as far as the appearance is concerned. Similarly, when the device was folded up, the display on the screen was activated immediately, and the apps that were open could be seen. According to the mechanism that the audience could view, the device will have twin display, the larger part inside and the smaller part outside when it is folded up. In short, the device may have one display when folded out completely and when folded up, it will have a small exterior display. Apart from this, the company also referred to different types of displays during the conference such as the Infinity O, V, and U displays whereon the letters indicate the size of the notch.

Specifications of the device

The company did not reveal much about the specifications of the device as much as it did for the display during the Samsung Developer Conference. Only one rumour has stayed intact about the specification of the folded device till date and it is the 7 nm processor. Although the company has invested millions for the creation of 7 nm chipsets, it is not the reason for this speculation rather it is based on the 8 nm architecture. The possibility of this foldable device to be a gaming phone cannot be ruled out as well owing to a leak.

Even though the source of the leak is known to have a steady track record, there is no reference to a gaming model till date. Beyond this aspect, we have not heard anything about the quality of the camera yet nor has any confirmation arrived whether the device may include the face scanning feature or the fingerprint option present in the current flagship models of the company. According to reports, the company may be experimenting with the embedded fingerprint sensor in the upcoming models although it is not clear yet whether the foldable device which is going to be released will include this feature or not.

Competing with the other models

The foldable device from Samsung is not the only device you can expect in 2019; there is another device called FlexiPai from a Chinese firm, which may compete with this device as well. Although Samsung might get some consolation that the other device may release first, but the features may not be as impressive. No one knows the exact date of the release of this foldable device from Samsung, but the company has a lot of time to utilize the opportunities so that the device aligns with the top-of-the-line models of this cell phone giant.



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