Samsung is one of the very few tech companies in the world that manufactures its original chipsets. However, there are times when the company sources chipsets for its smartphones from companies like MediaTek and Qualcomm. A large number of smartphones manufactured by Samsung featured chipsets by these two companies. However, now the company seems to be planning to bring about a major change in its production strategy.

Samsung, reportedly, wants to move a few steps ahead towards getting self-reliant. That explains why it is planning to use its own Exynos chipsets more frequently in the near future. According to a recently published report, Samsung Electronics is now planning to channelize its energies towards the development of the Galaxy A-series and Galaxy M-series smartphones for some time. This implies that the tech giant could be trying to strengthen its presence in emerging markets.

The report also states that the company, as a part of this plan, is gearing up to increase the overall usage or integration of its own chipsets in a variety of medium and low-range smartphones. For doing this, the company will have to increase the production of these chipsets significantly.

In the North American market, the Samsung Galaxy A13 4G was launched recently. Interestingly, this device features the Samsung Exynos 850 processor. This further substantiates the fact that Samsung, indeed, is making efforts to use its own chipsets in a larger number of phones manufactured by the company. The 5G variant of this aforementioned phone is powered by the MediaTekDimensity 700 processor.

As one would have guessed by its name, the Galaxy A13 happens to be the successor of the Galaxy A12, the same phone which sold more than 51 million units last year. By managing to sell so many units, this device emerged as the best-selling smartphone model in the world.

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Elizabeth Kartini

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