Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold Release Yet Again

Endless speculations about the Galaxy Fold release date have been circulating ever since Samsung cancelled the initial launch on April 26. The company had to postpone the release due to some complications with the device that required correction.

Since then, the company has been relentlessly striving to address the problem, and reports indicate that it has been able to make the necessary rectifications. Samsung is yet to confirm, though, about the release of the world’s first foldable smartphone.

Samsung disclosed the Galaxy Fold at the Galaxy S10 launch event in February this year and handed over sample phones to reviewers. Shortly, however, those reviewers reported problems with the screen which was flickering and not working. A couple of reviewers removed a protective film mistaking it for the packaging.

The flickering problem was apparently due to debris accumulation behind the Galaxy Fold’s screen through a gap in the hinge. Samsung has reportedly fixed that issue by shrinking the size of the gap. The company has also reportedly altered the positioning of the Galaxy Fold’s protective film to prevent people from pulling it out. Obviously, Samsung must have examined the Galaxy Fold closely once again, to make sure it works properly with the remodelled design. It would not want any more issues that would malign its image and reputation.

Samsung Galaxy fold

The other issue that may have caused the foldable screen to malfunction on the review units could be user error. The Galaxy Fold sports a display that appears like a pre-installed screen guard. That layer must not be taken off, as per Samsung’s instructions, as doing so will result in permanent damage to the screen.

Galaxy Fold Release shelved back to July

In a report coming from South Korea, unidentified officials claimed that Samsung had anticipated getting the Galaxy Fold to store shelves in June, but might now be forced to delay its launch to July or even later. The company had hoped to wind up its trial of the foldable phone in time for a June launch, but the report adds that it is taking longer than anticipated.

Therefore, there is a bit of uncertainty on when Samsung’s Galaxy Fold might launch. It looks like customers will be waiting at least yet another month for the $2,000 device to hit the markets.

A few weeks ago, Samsung Mobile’s chief Mr Koh Dong Jin said that they would be announcing the smartphone’s new release date in no time. However, that is not the case as the release date has been stalled yet again.

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