Samsung copies Huawei as Galaxy A9 Star Gets Gradient Color

Samsung copies Huawei as Galaxy A9 Star Gets Gradient Color

Samsung’s Galaxy A9 Star was released not too long ago and now it is going to benefit from a new upgrade to its color. If you really pay attention, you might notice that the chosen gradient purple color resembles the way Huawei chose to stylish its phone design. However, the purple gradient color isn’t going to see daylight outside of China, as Samsung made the Galaxy A9 Star an exclusive Chinese product.

There is a saying that speaks about flattery being expressed sincerely through imitation. It seems that Samsung and Huawei are putting it to good use and the Chinese company should feel really flattered. That’s because Samsung introduced a new color variant to the Galaxy A9 Star and there are quite a few voices that speak about its resemblance to a Huawei phone.

Samsung and Huawei had some serious legal battles in the past. At the beginning of the year, in January, Huawei won a trial against Samsung, although the South Korean giant had yet to comply with what the Chinese court orders stated. Then, in April, another judge, this time from San Francisco, ruled that Samsung didn’t have to comply with any production ban imposed by China until further notice.

Naturally, the matter didn’t dissolve then and there and we expect that this years-long legal battle to continue. But let’s dive deep into the details and see exactly what caused the latest lawsuit because it speaks about the big games that are played above our heads.

Huawei launched a patent infringement suit against Samsung because some of Huawei’s mobile software and technology patents were apparently used by Samsung for its devices. Naturally, if the lawsuit was launched, it isn’t too difficult why that was a problem. It seems that Samsung never paid anything like the necessary licensing fees and this made Huawei take action.

Of course, Samsung denied any wrongdoing, although the court agreed that Huawei’s patents were infringed upon indeed. The result was that Samsung would have to pay a fine and halt its Chinese production and sales for every infringing device. Some say that the court was biased, being that Huawei, a Chinese company sued a foreign company for committing wrongdoings on Chinese soil.

The surprise would have been if the court, Chinese itself, would have ruled in favor of the defendant. Naturally, Samsung resorted to appealing the ruling, which enabled them to delay the halting of production of the infringing devices. We do not know which devices were infringing the patents of Huawei but, for now, Samsung obtained a favorable ruling in a San Francisco court.

A premium device fit for all pockets, the Galaxy A9 Star is exclusive in China, being launched almost three months ago, with two color options: the classical black and white. SamMobile managed to provide us with some recent images that show us the new variant which is planned to be released in just a few weeks.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Gradient Coloring

The device is expected to boast a new gradient coloring which displays a purple, maybe pinkish, hue. This marks the first occasion that Samsung releases anything featuring a gradient color. As we take a look at the leaked pictures, we can’t say anything else than that the phone looks really nice, however, we will try.

Some feel like Samsung is yet again trying to play catch-up with the Chinese. Representing another example of this marketing strategy, this fresh update clearly shows how the South Korean giant tries to provide a device that resembles quite a bit the products made by its other Asian competitors, such as Xiaomi or Huawei.

Although we already know that the Galaxy A9 Star is an exclusive product in China, the device is getting to other countries as well, only that Samsung uses a confusing marketing trick, calling it the Galaxy A8 Star. What we can say with almost certitude is that we won’t see the A9 star or at least a gradient variant leave China anytime soon.

While this may leave people feeling bummed out, let’s stay with the positives. If Samsung introduced the gradient colors with this device, even if the product itself doesn’t leave China, maybe the idea stays inside the brilliant brains of the designers and we may see some fun aesthetics with future designs.

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