Samsung Confirms Galaxy Unpacked Event to be on February 11

There is no longer any speculation as to when the South Korean giant Samsung will be releasing its next set of flagships in the S series. The company has officially released a teaser on this confirming the date of the Galaxy Unpacked event as February 11. The launch city is also confirmed, it’s San Francisco. The models to be released will include the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 or whatever nomenclature the company deems fit to call the second of its foldable smartphones. There is also no finality on whether the Galaxy S series phones will be called the Galaxy S11 or the Galaxy S20.

Teaser Video Hints at the Names and the Design

The short teaser video released by Samsung on the Unpacked event has the brand identity Galaxy being presented in an animated fashion. The letter A appearing twice in Galaxy is represented differently with some creative shapes etc. One interpretation of the way it is presented is that it tends to confirm the strong rumors of the past several weeks that it will be Samsung Galaxy S20 and not S11. This is an imaginative interpretation and there is no clear confirmation. Similarly, the second A has a diamond shape in this video and can mean the clamshell form factor of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 model. There is very little doubt in the minds of the market observers that the new foldable smartphone from Samsung will be released in the February 11 event. The clamshell design has been seen on renders but there is no official word from Samsung on this. The inference is that the teaser seems to suggest the clamshell form factor is an extension of the rumors.


A Cheaper Foldable Model to Capture the Market?

Speculations suggest that Samsung is going to position the second model in the foldable category at a level much below the $2,000 price tag for the first one. It is true that despite the initial hiccups, the Samsung Galaxy Fold went on to sell a million units across different geographies even at this price. The company may now want the next foldable smartphone to be in the hands of a larger number of users across the world and is going to offer it to the market at a price close to $1,000.

samsung galaxy buds plus

Improved Samsung Galaxy Buds+ to be part of the Launch?

Adding to the speculations over the devices to be seen at the Galaxy Unpacked event on February 11, there is the expectation that the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will also be unveiled at the event. There are fresh renders indicating that the South Korean company has added a blue color to the black and white Galaxy Buds+ and they will also be introduced at the event, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Fold 2. There are a few improvements in the features and specs of these wireless earbuds this time, including noise cancellation. Samsung will be keen to take on Apple’s AirPods Pro in the marketplace.

It will be an interesting Galaxy Unpacked event on February 11.

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