Samsung Confirms Galaxy A91 with 45W Super Fast Charging Support

Samsung just confirmed that there will be two more phones launching soon in its ongoing A series of smartphones, namely Galaxy A91 and A90 5G. The news was leaked accidentally on the company’s official website where it announced the launch of its 45W charger, and XDA Developers was the first to spot the leak. If the leak is to e believed, the upcoming A91 will support Samsung’s 45W super-fast charging tech, while the A90’s 5G variant will support 25W fast charging.

45W super-fast charging coming soon

Samsung has released the 45W super-fast charger on its official website, with a detailed list of features and specifications along with a list of compatible devices. The list of devices that will support 45W super-fast charging 2.0 includes Galaxy Note 10+, Note 10+ 5G, A91, and higher models. Whereas the 45W charger will also be compatible with Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 5G, S10 5G, A90 5G, A80, A70, and Book S for 25W charging.

Samsung 45W charger


Specifications for 45W charger

The new 45W supercharger will run on Super-fast charging 2.0 max. It will have a USB Type-C interface. The complete package will include the following accessories: Wall charger, Type-C-5A USB data cable, and an installation guide. The cable will be one meter long, and the charger’s dimensions will be 53.1 x 30.1 x 89.3 mm (W x H x D.) The charger’s weight is reported to be 112.6 grams. When it comes to performance specifications, the charger will work on an input Voltage of 100-240V.  The output voltage will vary between a maximum of 5V for Normal Charge and a maximum of PDO: 9V, 15V, 20V / PPS: 3.3-11.0V or 3.3-16.0V or 3.3-21.0V for Fast Charge. The output current for normal charge will be 3A, and for Fast charge will be 3A, 2.25A, 4.05A.

Galaxy A91 charging

Good news for A series

One thing is for certain in all this, the upcoming A series phones are going to be worth the wait – especially the A91. So far there have already been rumors that the A91 will feature a quad-camera setup that will sport a 1080 MP main camera, as well as a 16 MP wide-angle lens, and a 12 MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom coupled with a ToF sensor. However, as of now, not much information is known other than this. Since the A-series phones will mark the beginning of Samsung’s 2020 smartphone lineup, users can expect big things from these phones. All of that hype added with this new update on the phone to support 45W super-fast charging 2.0 have sent the tech world into a frenzy.

The launch will most probably take place sometime in early 2020, although the exact release dates aren’t confirmed yet. Given how highly anticipated the phones are, users are going to be closely observing every activity online, hunting for more possible accidental leaks like this one, unless Samsung makes any official announcements. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming phones!

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