Samsung Comes with 5G Equipment – Available by 2020

Samsung Electronics says that its recently unveiled 3.5GHz and 28GHz spectrum 5G equipment by 2020 will secure 20 percent market share. The company also promised a timely rollout to be global and local telcos.

The president of Samsung’s Network Business, Youngky Kim, stated in a press event how the South Korean tech giant has planned to earn 80 percent of profits from overseas and in the global network equipment market to secure a 20 percent market share.

In addition to that, security will become even more critical says the president of Samsung’s Network Business who stated that the new services would flood the 5G era. Youngky Kim brings about Samsung’s ability to provide the safest platform security service.

These comments were made based on the current security problems from Australia and the United States over whether or not to introduce for a 5G network the Chinese vendor Huawei’s equipment.

According to HIS Markit, over 28 percent of the global network equipment market is entirely controlled by Huawei with Ericsson’s 27 percent on the second place and Nokia’s 23 percent on the third. After that, we can find ZTE with 13 percent and disappointingly Samsung with 3 percent.

Huawei and Samsung are in a competition for who can woo the South Korean telcos and win their order for 5G equipment. This decision will be made by September, so they have plenty of time to impress. In December 5G network trials are expected to begin, and their official rollout is planned for the March of 2019.

June was the month in which Samsung started to show off its 3.5GHz spectrum radio station in other to overcome its competitor, Huawei. Samsung’s system is based on the 3GPP 5G standard, and it is widely assumed that it is the smallest in the world.

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, is not new to the concept of using 6GHz-or-under spectrum, it experience including the offer for 3.5GHz spectrum for LTE in Japan.

In addition to that, the company has also built an ultra-small radio station which supports 800MHz and integrates 1,024 antennas.

In order to roll out the planned Massive MIMO in six or more (hopefully) US cities, Samsung made a collaboration with telco Sprint which will enable the South Korean tech giant to accurately achieve its goal and move a step further to winning the competition.

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