Samsung Changes Focus from the Flagship Phones to the Mid-Range Ones

As a matter of strategy, Samsung will relocate its focus from the flagship phones to the mid-range-prices smartphones which will get innovative features before the Note series or Galaxy S. The South Korean company aims to attract more millennials to the Samsung brand.

What is the giant tech planning?

This information comes from the most accurate source, the CEO of Samsung mobile communications, DJ Koh, who while speaking to CNBC revealed this change of mind. Currently, Samsung is not all milk and honey. The company faces a slump at the moment. Smartphones sales are slowing down globally, and the South Korean phone manufacturer suffers from this as well being squeezed into the crisis. A drop of 20 percent happens year after year in the connected devicesț second-quarter.

Do not worry! Samsung is never out of solutions. The company will improve the mid-priced Samsung devices equipping them with innovative techs and keeping the Note and Galaxy S models on the plan B. Will the Galaxy A series receive a revamp?

As it usually happens when something new strikes in the media, Twitter is full of rumors regarding the four cameras which might be found in a new Samsung smartphone. There are some speculations, but along with each rumor, there is a positive party willing to believe that the Galaxy A will get a quad-rear camera and also a party that will not accept something until they see it.

There are other reasons this change will happen, and there is a thoroughly planned move waiting to happen

If you are a Samsung fan who does not miss any article about what the company is planning to do and how it is doing in means of revenue, then you might know that the Galaxy S9 phones did not bring the company enough gold and their Q2 mobile revenues dropped. As an effect, Samsung is trying to win millennials by throwing cutting-edge features at its mid-range phones before implementing them into the Galaxy Note or S.

As mentioned before, this information was spread by the company’s CEO, DJ Koh who told CNBC that Samsung would “bring technology and differentiation starting from the mid-end,” debuting with its Galaxy A lineup.

Before making this change happen, Koh said that Samsung took in consideration the fact that the flagship phones’ prices rarely meet the millennials’ budgets so the mid-range smartphone will be equipped with “meaningful innovation.”

Samsung does not stop throwing changes at us

The South Korean giant tech might even speed up its releases, and we might benefit from more than on mid-range release per year. If you got a little money put aside for a phone, do not hurry to take any decision. The next mid-range phone release might even be later this year.

According to IDC, Q2 worldwide shipments are located in the thirds consecutive decline quarter which might make this move come amid a slowdown in the market of smartphones.

Based on shipments, Samsung is the top vendor of Q2, all before it lost ground to Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi which drew Asian and Indian consumers’ attention with lower prices than Samsung and higher-end feature.

As Samsung experienced low sales of the Galaxy S9, the quarter-over-quarter mobile revenues in Q2 dropped by 30 percent as this was not planned at all.

Leaks have already started, and they debuted with Ice Universe’s tweet which says that Samsung, the South Korean giant tech has a four-rear camera phone in the pipeline.

This device might be unveiled this year, but it will neither be the unaffordable and foldable Galaxy F nor the Galaxy S10.

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