For a while, one has been seeing reports of Samsung developing the Galaxy Z Fold4 which happens to be a foldable phone. There is a good chance of the South Korean tech giant unveiling it in the month of August. Rumors suggest that the foldable device released by Samsung this year would come with an S Pen Stylus. A recently released leak stated that the company has already started the production of the aforementioned smartphone.

It is being said that Galaxy Z Fold4 might just be the first-ever foldable smartphone to have a dedicated slot for keeping the stylus. There are some reports that state that the phone will not feature a storage slot but will still provide users with an S Pen to use. As per a tipster named Mukul Sharma, the mass production of the Stylus Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold4 has started in multiple European and Asian countries.

In 2021, there were speculations about the Galaxy Z Fold3 being the first foldable device by Samsung to offer support for the S Pen stylus. Though both the S Pen Pro and the S Pen Fold Edition are supported by the Galaxy Z Fold3, the standard S Pen is not compatible with the device. At the moment, there is no clarity on whether the upcoming smartphone will have a standalone S Pen holster.

Last month, several reports pointed towards Samsung developing a ‘Super UTG’ for the Galaxy Z Fold4. If it is implemented, users will get a much more robust surface for the S Pen. Therefore, there is a good chance of the standard S Pen working smoothly on the Z Fold4. Some of the reports have also asserted that the Galaxy Z Fold4 will feature a single hinge design and therefore, prove to be slightly more durable than the earlier models.

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Elizabeth Kartini

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